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Would you like to be able to run all the applications you have installed on your Android mobile phone directly on a computer with Windows? You should know then that there is a specially developed program for it: BlueStacks. In fact, with this simple software you will have the chance to enjoy all kinds of classical tools of Android phones, but on the big screen of your desktop PC or laptop.

Indeed, BlueStacks App Player, such is its full name, is one of the most famous and complete applications that you can take into account when it comes to running content that you usually see on Android phones, but on a computer. Once you have installed this software, you have the possibility to download any Android application on your PC, such as WhatsApp, or Clash Royale, by accessing the total of their characteristics, as well as on your phone.

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This emulator, designed to replicate the experience Android in Windows, has some advantages, such as for example the fact that does not need any type of configuration once you have installed it. In this way, even if you're a novice user in terms of the use of emulators, you will play your Android applications on your Windows computer without too many turns.

How does BlueStacks work once you have downloaded it? Through a simple interface, you can download absolutely any of the applications that are available to the mobile devices with Android operating system. Indeed, one of the outstanding qualities of this program is that it offers almost no compatibility problems with most mobile applications. However, there is always some application that may have problems to run, something that its developers try not to happen.

However, there are two ways or methods through which you can download Android applications for use in our emulator. The first of these is taking advantage of all the contents of Google Play Store, which is the official shop of mobile devices with Android. When you search for content or applications within this shop, you will find exactly the same that are displayed when you perform the process on the phone.

On the other hand, you also have the possibility to install applications by using a setup file outside the Store Google Play Store. That is, you will be able to download the APK setup from the browser, and then run them to access them even if they are not present in the store. This is exactly the same operation that Android phones have, but replicated within the environment of a computer.

Of course, one of the main uses that the majority of the public makes of BlueStacks has to do with taking advantage of the larger screens of computers to enjoy their favorite Android games. If you are one of those users, you should know that this program has a function that allows you to record absolutely everything that happens on the screen so that you can share your items with your friends or acquaintances.

If you want to install your social applications in the computer, this software will give you the opportunity to take advantage of all the files that you have installed on the PC to share through these platforms. If you work with your computer, without doubts this emulator you will be of enormous help in many of the tasks that you must perform during the day.

Do you want to use any application of music in the background while playing your favorite games or take advantage of the social networks now installed on your computer? You can do it then with an app that will be open without bothering you. Of course, the more resources the PC has in question, the greater number of Android apps you can have opened at the same time, just as it happens on the mobile.

And how to move through the Android menus? In a simple way, by using the cursor, mouse, to perform all the gestures on the phone screen are tactile, and here you will be able to carry forward in each case, without any inconveniences. Anyway, BlueStacks is perfectly compatible with other peripherals, such as a gamepad, in case you want to have a rich experience in your favorite Android games.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that although specifically we have not had problems with regard to the installation of this program, there are many users who comment that their computers do not allow them to run it and that the process is stopped before completion.

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