How to download WWE Champions on PC


WWE Champions on PC

You would probably have played WWE Champions in your smartphones or perhaps tablets as it is an Android os game. You'll be thrilled to discover that there is no need to give stress to your beautiful eyes by playing this game on mobiles; however, you can play it on Windows PCs and even regulate the game using a keyboard and mouse.

WWE is back on our mobiles with yet another simple but addictive RPG but with a unique touch of matching puzzle game. Unlike other PC and PlayStation WWE games where we operate our character with a controller, WWE Champions 2020 lets you make the moves by matching the gems in a combo of three.

By matching three similar gems either horizontally or vertically, you can make your wrestler attack. The more and bigger combinations you make, the stronger will be the attack. However, to activate special attacks, you have to match gems of a specific color.

As for the characters, you can play with over 200 WWE superstars, with each having its unique abilities and signature moves. You can try out The Rock, Roman Reigns, or go for the hall of Famers such as Andre the Giant or Hulk Hogan.

WWE Champions 2020 has many game modes to hone your skills. We have the single-player mode where you progress by battling various superstars in varying difficulty levels. Then we have the multiplayer versus mode, limited-time events, tours, and side quests. You should try out the PvP showdown to get some fierce competition.


  • Play with over 200 WWE superstars

  • Meet the legends like the undertakes, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin

  • Experience the explosive raw action along programmed by strategic puzzle game

  • Play as a single-player, multiplayer, or participate in timely events

  • Face other players in intense PvP showdowns

To play WWE Champions in a large screen then this is the video tutorial:

How to play WWE Champions on PC

Go through the following instructions very carefully:

  1. To start with, you have to open BlueStacks' official website as it works as an Android emulator. On this website, you will find a description of the game and also the benefits you must play it on a Laptop or computer.

  2. Now we should click the option "Download WWE Champions on PC." A file BlueStacksInstaller.exe is saved.
    How to download WWE Champions on PC

  3. Windows won't install the BlueStacksInstaller.exe file without your permission; therefore, this icon will show up to request authorization. To open the installer, allow the Windows-only by hitting Yes.

  4. We can even change the directory in which you want to install the emulator. In case you are interested in changing the directory and would like to select a custom location, then choose the icon of "Customize installation." We do not need to alter the directory, and so we will continue with the default setting, and the emulator is going to be installed in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks."

  5. The process of emulator installation has been started.

  6. Once the download and even installing are complete, the BlueStacks emulator will be launched automatically. Because it is the 1st time that it's launched, it requires more time to begin. Depending on the ability of your computer, it will take more or even less.

  7. Automatically, Google Play opens up, and we should sign in. Therefore we start Sign in, click Sign in once again, and a screen will appear where we have to enter our username and password to our Google account. You can not neglect this or else how you will be capable of enjoying "WWE Champions" on your pc!

  8. To proceed, you'll need to accept "Google Terms of Service" After accepting these conditions, you will have an option to produce the device backup on Google Drive. We select "Agree."

  9. You will now discover Google Play. You only need to click the button of "Go to the desktop."

  10. Within the desktop of this emulator, we go to install by just clicking on the button of "WWE Champions." The "Install" button will show up in the Google Play menu on your computer screen, only press on it. The download of this game will begin and determined by your connection. It's going to take more or less time to download.

  11. Now, this is the time to have fun with the game, and to achieve this, click the "Open" button. You are going to enjoy this thrilling game on your PC.

  12. By pushing the F11 key, you can play in full screen. To proceed to the standard display, press F11 again.

  13. You will find the options to convert game language into this cogwheel as well. First, visit Preferences, and you have the opportunity to opt for any language from the "Language Configuration" list. WOW, it's quite simple!

Hence, the credit goes to BlueStacks Emulator that has made it possible to experience Android os game even on Laptops or computers.

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Would you like to be able to run all the applications you have installed on your Android mobile phone directly on a computer with Windows? You should know then that there is a specially developed program for it: BlueStacks. In fact,...

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