How to download Merge Dragons on PC


Merge Dragons on PC

There are millions of gamers of Merge Dragons Android mobile video game. In this particular tutorial, we will let you know how to download and install this video game so that you can play it on Windows PCs, even in a straightforward manner. Thus you may enjoy this game even on a large screen, and you can control this exciting game more efficiently using the Computer mouse and keyboard.

Merge Dragons is a 2D matching puzzle game that sets in the fantasy world of cute dragons.

The gameplay of Merge Dragons is based on a matching puzzle game that resembles that of Candy Crush. You need to get a match of at least three or more same types of items to advance in the level. Keep on matching the corresponding items and get the maximum number of combinations to pass the level. The game keeps on getting more stringent as you advance on to the higher levels.

The game also introduces side quests and the addition of new dragons and items to play with. You get rewarded at the end of each level. The prizes can vary from original items to treasure chests and much more.

Apart from all the puzzles, you also need to look after your dragons. To do so, you have a camp like home for dragons on the map. You can expand the area of the map with more dragon power you acquire from winning the levels.

The graphics and animation of the Merge Dragons are quite appealing with vivid colors and great details. The sceneries, background, plants, and dragons are all illustrated beautifully. Merge Dragons makes a fun time pass for both young and adults.


  • Lots of puzzles in over 80 levels

  • 500 unique objects to play with

  • Beautiful animations and sceneries

  • Unlock over 30 dragons

  • Highly fun gameplay that keeps on getting tougher

To enjoy Merge Dragons in a large screen then right here is the video tutorial:

How to play Merge Dragons on PC

Go through these instructions diligently:

  1. This is the link for Buestacks official website that will act as an Android emulator and will allow us to enjoy the game on a computer. You can even read the game description on the Bluestacks website.

  2. When you are here in the Bluestacks site, you'll find the "Download Merge Dragons on PC" button. BlueStacksInstaller.exe is the file that's been downloaded.
    How to download Merge Dragons on PC

  3. Just before proceeding with the installation process, the device will ask authorizations. You need to select yes to continue.

  4. In the installer, we have the possibility to modify the directory where the emulator will be installed. If you're thinking about changing the location and would like to select a custom location, then simply click on the icon of "Customize installation." "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks" is the default directory for this Bluestacks emulator.

  5. Select the "Install Now" option, and the download as well as installation of the emulator, will begin.

  6. The device will accomplish installing and then launch Bluestacks Emulator on its own. You need to be patient the first time as an emulator usually takes some time to start. If the Laptop or computer design is advanced, it will be launched rapidly even the very first time.

  7. It's the time to log in to Google Play and watch it's appeared automatically. Select 'Sign in" button and then enter the login credentials of the Google account that are your username and password. This is essential to proceed.

  8. To be able to continue, you should accept "Google Terms of Service" We click "I agree," and it offers us an opportunity to generate a copy of our Android device on Google Drive. To benefit from this particular option, just click "Agree."

  9. Google Play Menu may appear on your screen. You only need to click on the button of "Go to the desktop."

  10. You'll see "Merge Dragons" on the emulator's desktop, click on it to continue installing. "Install" button will appear in the Google Play menu on your laptop screen, simply press on it. Now just let your internet connection complete the downloading procedure automatically.

  11. To launch Merge Dragons, you should go to the "Open" button. We have finished it! The game is ready to be performed on PC.

  12. To play in full screen, we must press the F11 key from the computer keyboard. To get out of the complete display screen, hit the same key once again from the keyboard.

  13. You can even change the game language, and to do that, click on this cogwheel. Now we check out Preferences, and then in the drop-down list of "Language Configuration," we find the language we want. WOW, it's quite simple!

Without BlueStacks Emulator, it wouldn't be easy to set up as well as enjoy this Android game on a big screen just like a computer.

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