How to download Goddess Primal Chaos on PC


Goddess Primal Chaos on PC

Among several other hit Android OS video games designed for cell phones and tablets, Goddess Primal Chaos is the most preferred video game nowadays. Do you want to enjoy the same game on the large screen? Well, this specific video tutorial is about the steps to play it on Windows PCs.

Goddess: Primal Chaos is a 3D action Role-Playing Game (RPG) developed by KoramGame. It features a multiplayer mode that allows you to take part in action-packed PvP style battles against millions of other players worldwide.

As the savior of the world, your goal is to travel back in time and stop a rising evil from destroying humanity. Goddess: Primal Chaos lets you create a character by choosing its gender and class. In this regard, the game features three character classes as Warrior, Summoner, and Bloodline. Each type has its unique abilities and expertise that can decide the fate of the battle.

In multiplayer mode, you can participate in explosive, action-packed PvP battles that can accommodate up to 6 players in the 3v3 battle. Moreover, you can also form or join an alliance that lets you trade items and gear with other players. Also, you can team up with other players to raid a common enemy.

With every quest you perform, you earn experience and rewards that you can use to level up and purchase new gear. Dosing so lets you further strengthen your character and customize its look. With intriguing gameplay, multiple quests, realistic graphics, and active multiplayer mode, Goddess: Primal Chaos offers a promising experience for RPG lovers.


  • Easy Controls

  • Action-packed gameplay

  • Choose from three different classes.

  • Vivid 3D graphics

  • Multiplayer mode

  • 1v1 to 3v3 battles

  • Ally with other players

If you'd like to play Goddess Primal Chaos even on a large screen then right here is the tutorial:

How to play Goddess Primal Chaos on PC

You must go through given instructions:

  1. First of all, you need to open BlueStacks' official website since it works just like an Android emulator. In this particular website, you can even go through the game description in addition to the advantages of playing on a Laptop or computer.

  2. Now we must select the button "Download Goddess Primal Chaos on PC." BlueStacksInstaller.exe is the file that has been saved.
    How to download Goddess Primal Chaos on PC

  3. Once you open BlueStacksInstaller.exe, you'll be requested for authorization. To open the installer, allow the Windows by hitting Yes.

  4. The installer will ask to change the directory for installing the emulator. Exactly where you need to install Bluestacks emulator in your system; just opt for that location by pressing here on the "Customize installation" icon. "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks" is the default directory for this Bluestacks emulator.

  5. Have patience; the emulator is now being downloaded as well as installed.

  6. The emulator starts itself after being downloaded on your laptop or computer. For the 1st time, the emulator is going to be launched after a while but the next time, it will be launched quickly. Well, this period may vary from computer to computer.

  7. This is the time to log in to Google Play and watch it has come out automatically. So we start Sign in, select Sign in once again, and a screen will appear where we must type in our username and password to our Google account. If you do not sign in to Google Play, you will not be able to get access to Goddess Primal Chaos game on the computer.

  8. These are "Google Terms of Service" that you should accept. We just click, "I agree," and then it offers us an opportunity to make a backup of our Android device on Google Drive. "Agree" to do this.

  9. Google Play Menu might appear on your screen. You simply need to click on the button of "Go to the desktop."

  10. From the emulator's desktop, you have to hit the game button that's "Goddess Primal Chaos." And then, you'll see the Google Play menu once again, after which you choose the "Install" button. The download of this exciting game will begin, and according to your network, it will need more or even less time to download.

  11. Now click on the "Open" option to start as well as play the exciting game. You can now play the game on your laptop using the keyboard and mouse.

  12. If we want to play in full screen, we should press the F11 key from the keyboard. Press precisely the same key to leave this style.

  13. In case you want to switch the language of the emulator and the games, you need to choose the cogwheel that you'll find on the top right corner. Look for the specific language within the drop-down list of "Language Configuration" and therefore choose it. WOW, it is quite simple!

Without the BlueStacks emulator, it would not be possible to install and enjoy this specific Android OS game on a large screen such as a computer.

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