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Are you tired of rebooting your computer every now and then, or spending hours going over online tutorials on how to speed up the performance of your laptop? Well, AVG TuneUP is your new best friend. Packed with new and enhanced features, this software promises a superb experience for both your personal and business PCs. You no longer have to worry about deleting important software or disabling other features of your computer just to gain speed in your operating system. This is your one-stop tune-up package that allows you to clean-up an unlimited number of Windows. It is important to note that benefits accrued from TuneUp vary depending on the type of device and operating system that you are using.

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Advanced PC Performance Optimizer

AVG TuneUP uses revamped sleep mode technology to maximize your computer speed and performance. With this program, you are guaranteed to get supreme functionality of your PC. Fixing bugs, reducing application crashes, and removing software freezes are but just some of the amazing features in store for you. Press maintenance, for standard Computer cleaning, and a 30-day trial for the Pro aspects of advanced tuning. Remove hidden or duplicate junk files at the touch of a button. Free up space for things you love, from music to apps, and even PC games. Get popular updates to over 50 applications like Skype and Firefox.

Top Features

  • Complete more tasks and save on time by making your new PC to run faster. Is it data processing, graphics processing, web browsing, video chatting? AVG TuneUp gives you superb boost speed for the best experience on your PC.

  • Perform heavy computer simulations without worrying about lags.

  • Advanced system optimization for all Windows PCs.

  • Extend battery life and make your old PC last longer.

  • An unlimited number of software licenses.

  • Safe folder shredder

  • Free your computer storage space by use of the disk and browser cleaners. Cleans all browser traces, cookies, and unnecessary caches to add more space for other applications. Compatible browsers with AVG TuneUp comprise Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Other great stuff!

  • Less hands more automation. Enjoy automatic maintenance procedures for your PC 24/7!

  • Uninstalls computer applications that are no longer useful and incomplete references and entries.

  • Disables startup applications that slow down your computer. Disables background programs running simultaneously. Gives recommendations on better optimization of your operating system.

  • Gets rid of junk files stacked up in your PC registry to create more space for your preferences for over 200 programs. Scans that detect the largest files on your operating system.

  • Get all-around and real-time automatic program updates for over 50 applications like VLC, and get the latest features, fix bugs, and prevent security risks.

  • Cloud-based software uninstaller. This incorporates blacklists, white lists, heuristic algorithms, and reviews from users, which help you trash software of little importance taking more space.

  • Broken shortcuts- helps you to find shortcuts to deleted files.

  • Disk fragmentation- fast scanning to determine whether your local disks require defragmentation.

What’s new

More PC power than you ever imagined! With about 80% faster booting, 30% increased PC performance, and 70GB of cleaned up junk files.

  • PC Gamers can now get a better gaming experience of 60fps with no lags by using AVG TuneUp optimizer.

  • The new software uninstaller will retrieve and uninstall old junk files, trial versions, bloatware, PC pre-installed programs, and unnecessary toolbars to free up more space.

  • Browser cleaner that gives you faster internet surfing for your PC browsers by clearing cache and temporary data files.

  • Prioritizes new tasks over tasks for a smoother experience.

  • Repair wizard- solves minor issues that occur in your PC, such as the failure of the recycle bin to appear on your desktop.

How it works

Normally, software installed in your PC slows down your computer by stacking the CPU and HDD or SSD. However, with the sleep mode technology, it disables the programs, and you can always enable them whenever you feel like. The only downsides are the lack of a backup and restoration system, security and privacy optimization, and finally, file encryption. Also, putting to sleep crucial applications in your PC may cause more harm than good. Although it is possible to retrieve deleted files from the recycle bin, the recovery system takes a very long time, and once the bin is emptied, you cannot recover such files. In addition to that, its performance optimization is facing stiff competition from other similar optimization software. Finally, the free version only lets you view the bugs but does not grant you an option to fix them as it requires you to purchase the full version.

It also comes with three licenses for your PC. This software is mostly recommended for older PCs and systems to help them reach the full potential another tan recently installed operating systems. It is cheap, easy to use, and offers a diverse service to your internal applications. Any changes that are made automatically by the software can always be reverted back manually by you, base on your choices and preferences. It is also important that AVG TuneUp is meant for HDD devices since SSD computers are fast and thus require no optimization applications. Some Windows 10 devices have a pre-installed AVG TuneUp, which is free but still effective.

Your PC optimization software; speed up, clean up, extend battery life, and fix crashes and bugs for your PC. This is the best-advanced PC performance optimizer in the market fitted with a full suite of tools to guarantee you first-class performance! It’s cost-friendly and packed with state-of-the-art system maintenance. Download AVG TuneUp today, and get the fastest experience than you ever imagined on your windows!

by Augusto Baldi

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