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HyperLaunch allows launch and run various emulators using the same interface.

There are a variety of emulators and programs that le us to play games from video consoles. For example, if we want to emulate Super Nintendo game console, there are multiple emulators: ZSNES, Snes9x, higan, and more. Each one of these emulators have their own graphical interface and its particular configurations. This is not a problem if we're going to emulate from time to time and we are only going to emulate a few consoles. However, if we have the idea to emulate multiple systems it is convenient to have a tool that facilitates the execution of different emulators and their respective games.

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HyperLaunch is able to launch different emulators without need to configure them. This program is very useful when we use a frontend as HyperSpin. With the frontend we'll browse all systems/video consoles and games, and when we select a game, HyperLaunch will be launched, and it will run the emulator that is associated with the selected game.

HyperLaunch configuration not trivial, but it is worth to have it properly configured, because we can use a large amount of emulators. The program makes use of the so-called “Modules”, which are files that run the emulators, for example there is a module for MAME, MESS, Nestopia, WinUAE, No$gba, WinKawaks, etc. In this way we can select the Nestopia Module to run the games from NES (Nintendo), and we don't need to launch manually the emulator each time we want to play.
If a game works better with an emulator other than the default, we can configure HyperLaunch to launch that game with a different emulator. This way when we launch the games it will run with different emulators.

With this program we can also use bezels in any systems. For example, we can make that a Game Boy image appears when we play Game Boy games, so in the Television or monitor, it will appear a full screen Game Boy whose screen will display the emulated game. This makes the experience of playing old games a little closer to the original experience.

The program supports Keymapper. That is to say, we can set up a joystick or gamepad, and use it in all the supported emulators (Modules). To make use of this function we must use the configuration generated by any of these 3 programs: Xpadder, JoyToKey or AutoHotKey. For example, we launched Xpadder and configured our Gamepad. This process generates a configuration file that we need to copy into HyperLaunch directory. What is interesting about this is that we can use this configuration file for all the emulators, or we can create different configuration files for different emulators or even games. In this way we can use Xbox360 gamepad to play PlayStation 2 emulator, and a generic gamepad to play Sega Mega Drive emulator.

Another interesting option that comes with the program is support for 7-Zip compressed ROMs (games). This option makes it possible to compress all ROMs in 7z format and use it on any emulator, although that emulator doesn't support natively 7zip files.

The program configuration is done through text files, which makes the configuration process a complex task. To bridge this gap, there is a program called HyperLaunchHQ, which allows us to configure HyperLaunch options through a graphical interface.

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