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Mame32 is an emulator for multiple current and retro arcade machines.

Emulators are systems that manage to 'copy' the behaviour of other systems. Thanks to emulators we can run games on different platforms for which they were developed. In the case of Mame32, we have an emulator that runs multiple arcade machine games, so we can play the arcade games. This emulator is a version of the popular Windows MAME that includes GUI to handle it with the mouse, since the original version of MAME works in command prompt mode.
We also have the option to include background images to customize the appearance of the emulator.

MAME It is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and was published for the first time in 1997. In earlier versions it only worked under MS-DOS and obviously did not have graphical interface. Subsequently was ported to different platforms such as Unix, Mac or Windows. This could be done thanks to the source code of MAME is available for be studied and modified, but not to make commercial use of it. In this way Mame32 was developed, giving a graphical interface in Windows to the original MAME.

To run this emulator, it is necessary to own the ROMs of the games we want to play. The ROMs are files containing a video game in particular. The most of these ROMs are considered illegal, while others whose copyright has already expired are considered legal.

The complete collection of games supported by MAME (and its variants, such as Mame32), it is known as "ROM set". We can search on the Internet "ROM set mame" and see a full list of games supported by this emulator. Currently the emulator supports more than 8,500 ROMs.

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