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HyperSpin is a front-end software where you can set various game systems into a single interface.

You can install multiple emulators and use HyperSpin as a system through its interface to organize and browse the collection of games that you own and have loaded onto the program.

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If you're a fan of the games, with Hyperspin you to organize and keep them all together in one program, because you can add arcade and console video games.

No need to have high computer skills to use Hyperspin although n some patience to load games, their covers and adjust the settings as you wish, especially if you add a lot of games to HyperSpin. The program also includes a help menu to learn how to configure step by step.

HyperSpin suits your tastes because it is customizable and you can customize both the main menu as the templates for each of the systems. Also, you can add headers, videos, covers and many other things to games.

Organize your game and have fun with HyperSpin relentlessly.

by Augusto Baldi

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