How to download Art of Conquest for PC


Art of Conquest on PC

Art of Conquest is a real-time strategy game where you set on a quest to eradicate the wrath of dragons from your lands. Recruit an army headed by a band of legendary heroes who aid you in the battle against the dragons. You’ll also have to defend your castle from the enemy attacks in the PvP (Player versus Player) battle mode by building strong walls and stationing troops. 

Art of Conquest is basically a combat role-playing game with a touch of open-world exploration where you expand your kingdom by wiping out the intruders you come across. It features strategic gameplay with real-time large scale PvP battles. You can also move around the map, exploring new lands and conquering them. 

You can recruit troops and train them to build an army for battle against the other players. The game comes with more than 20 different heroes, each having unique abilities that level up as you progress. You can select your troops and heroes and set their formations strategically to benefit in the battle.

This game features simple controls, amazing graphics, greatly designed unique characters, and a strategic approach to battles. All of which combine to spice up the gameplay for both novice and hardcore gamers.


  • Epic battles in foreign realms
  • Recruit and fight with hundreds of unique heroes
  • Compete with six other kingdoms
  • Discover and defeat powerful evil bosses
  • Experience PvP battle arenas

In this tutorial I'm going to explain how to download and install the game so you can play it on Windows PCs in a simple way, and therefore you can enjoy the experience on a big screen and also you can control the game more easily with the PC keyboard and mouse.

Here you have the video version of this tutorial for those who prefer it:

How to play Art of Conquest on PC

Here are the instructions:

  1. The first thing is to go to the official BlueStacks website, which is the Android emulator we're going to use to play the game. In this website you will find a description of the game and the advantages you have to play it on PC.
  2. Now we must click on the button "Download Art of Conquest on PC". A file BlueStacksInstaller.exe is downloaded.
  3. Execute the file BlueStacksInstaller.exe and Windows will ask for permission to install it. We answer yes and the installer opens.
  4. In the installer, we have the possibility to change the directory where the emulator is going to be installed. We click on "Customize installation" and there we can change the directory where we want to install the BlueStacks emulator. By default it will be installed in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks". 
  5. Click on the "Install Now" button and the download and installation of the emulator will begin.
  6. Once the download and installation is finished, the BlueStacks emulator will be launched automatically. As it is the first time that it is launched it takes a little longer to start. Depending on the power of your PC it will take more or less.
  7. Automatically, Google Play opens, and we have to log in. So we start Sign in, click on Sign in again and a screen will appear where we have to enter our username and password to our Google account. This is mandatory, you have to do it yes or yes, to be able to play Art of Conquest on your Windows PC. 
  8. Now we will accept the "Google Terms of Service", which welcomes us. We click on "I agree", and it offers us the possibility to make a backup of our Android device on the Google Drive. We click on "Agree".
  9. You may now see the Google Play. If so, click on the circular icon to "Go to the desktop".
  10. In the desktop of the emulator we proceed to install by clicking on the icon of "Art of Conquest Dark Horizon". Google Play appears again and then we click on the "Install" button. The download of the game will start and depending on your connection it will take more or less time to download.
  11. When the download is finished, we click on the "Open" button and the game is launched. You can now play the game on your PC using your keyboard and mouse.
  12. If we want to play in full screen, we must press the F11 key on the keyboard. And to exit, we press F11 again.
  13. In case you want to change the language of the emulator and the games, you must click on the cogwheel that we have in the upper right corner. Now we click on Preferences, and in the drop-down menu of "Language Configuration" we select the language we want. And we have it translated.

I hope you can enjoy this game in all its glory thanks to the BlueStacks emulator

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Would you like to be able to run all the applications you have installed on your Android mobile phone directly on a computer with Windows? You should know then that there is a specially developed program for it: BlueStacks. In fact,...

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