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Bos Wars is a game of futurist strategy in real time where will be necessary to struggle against the enemies to develop a stable economy in our nation and to sustain our troops with the goal of conquering the world.

The game is executed in real time, without shifts, and the technique to triumph is to balance the effort accomplished in the construction of a solid economy and the creation of an army to defend or to attack the enemies.

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In Bos Wars we are located in a distant planet where the energy produced by the electric headquarters and the magma that it is pumped starting from the volcanoes are the bases to survive and to increase the incoming of the economy. We can accomplish diplomatic tasks so that some of our enemies become our allies in order to create an only strategy.

It is possible to play against other opponents connected to the Internet or against the computer in a campaign drawn to accomplish missions that will take us for several levels of difficulty directed certainly to the victory. Bos Wars is a complete game given gratuitously and it possesses open code to accomplish modifications, if we wish.

If you like strategy games, it is impossible to lose the opportunity to download Bos Wars, since, for sure you will spend entire afternoons beating your enemies and fighting to be the only leader of the planet.

by Augusto Baldi

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