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MegaGlest is a 3D strategy, real time playing, free and customizable videogame.

MegaGlest is a multi platform game based on the popular game Glest, in which the main objective is to develop a civilization. It is part of a project that is in constant growth; new maps, units, buildings, images and other components are added constantly making this game a favorite for users of this kind of entertainment.

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In MegaGlest the player can control the armies of seven factions: egyptians, indians, vikings, persians, romans, magicals and the technologicals. These groups of people must establish themselves in settlements in order to get resources and develop as a civilization.

With this objective in mind, the characters of MegaGlest must also fight their opponents to protect themselves and impose their way of living. Each faction must complete missions by gathering or generating resources in order to survive, such as gathering rocks or wood, generating energy, supplying food and procure to have a place to live.

The player’s ability relies on the capacity to administrate those resources adequately and knowing how to combine them in an intelligent way, as also on the skill for winning battles and not loosing those valued belongings for the civilization.

MegaGlest can be played in one player mode, without an internet connection, although the true fun and excitement will be found playing the online multiplayer mode, in which you can compete with other civilizations or against other players connected to the same RTS.

by Augusto Baldi

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