How to download Idle Heroes on PC


How to play Idle Heroes easily in Windows 10

Idle Heroes is a role-playing action game developed by DHGAMES where you team up with other players around the globe in a fight against the evil forces. Idle Heroes features its diamond and gold versions and therefore, the players of the respective version can ally with the players of the same version. 

Idle Heroes is basically a multiplayer game that asks for good coordination among the players and sound tactics to defeat the enemy. The players have the freedom to select their teammates. Idle Heroes displays more than 200 characters, each having a unique weapon at its disposal that poses different results on the battlefield.

As the battle begins, the players have to make good use of their weapons to ward off the waves of enemy attacks. As the level advances, the enemies get tougher and therefore, players require a well-combined strategy to withstand the assault. With every battle you win, you gain points that are added up to your experience and you can further upgrade your hero.

Idle Heroes depict amazing graphics that set just the right environment for the players to meet and combat. Its multiplayer mode is one of the best in terms of coordination between the players.


  • Trains your heroes to become stronger while you are away

  • Get new powerful weapons and upgrade the existing

  • Battle alongside your friends

  • Lots of battle arenas such as dungeons and dungeons

Here is the video with the instructions to download the Idle Heroes in PC.

How to play Idle Heros on PC?

Let's see how to install and play Idle Heroes on PC:

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to the following official BlueStacks website.
  2. Click on the "Download Idle Heroes on PC" button, and an executable file will be downloaded.
  3. Execute the downloaded file and launch the BlueStacks installer, which is an Android emulator, which will allow us to play Idle Heroes in Windows.
  4. Click on the "Install now" button and the process of downloading and installing the Android emulator will begin. Depending on the speed of your Internet and the power of your PC, this process will take more or less time.
  5. Once the emulator is installed, a couple of icons will be created on the desktop that will allow us to launch the game directly from the Windows desktop.
  6. Now it will offer us to log in to the Google Play account. To do this we introduce the user and password. We can use our Gmail account, YouTube, etc. 
  7. Once we introduce the user name and password, we must accept the terms of service and the privacy policy.
  8. We are now offered the possibility of making a backup of the data from this device emulated in the BlueStacks. We can save the data in a cloud backup. We will say no, in our case it is not necessary, you do what you think is convenient.
  9. If Google Play is opened, we close it and go to the emulator desktop, and there we click on the Idle Heroes icon, and a new window opens where we must click on the "Install" button to start the game installation.
  10. Now below it says "Complete Account Setup". We click on continue because it will ask us for a payment method, because in Google Play you can buy applications, you can buy certain items and so on. We are going to select no. We press Skip because we don't want to configure any payment method because in our case it's not necessary.
  11. Once downloaded, we click on the "Launch" button, or we can click on the BlueStacks desktop icon.
  12. This way, Idle Heroes is already installed and we can easily play with keyboard and mouse. You can configure the keyboard keys by clicking on the keyboard icon.
  13. This step is optional and serves to translate the emulator and the games. In case we have it in another language, for example: if you have it in English and you want it in Spanish, click on settings, on the cogwheel, click again on settings, and in preferences, language settings, Spanish. We now have the BlueStacks interface in Spanish, in case we are interested in having it in Spanish.

I hope you enjoy this splendid game on your PC.

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