How to download War Robots on PC


War Robots on PC

War Robots is known as a video game designed for Android OS cellphones together with tablets. You'll be excited to learn that there's no need to give stress to your attractive eyes by enjoying this game on mobile phones however you can play it on Windows PCs and even manage the game utilizing mouse and keyboard.

War Robots is an action multiplayer game where you take control of advanced robots to face enemies in 6 vs. 6 team combat mode. The game features multiplayer battles between two teams each having six players. The last team standing with most kills wins.

War Robots pushes you to a realm of powerful robots. The word is in chaos and wars are now fought using these destructive machines. As a pilot, you’ll take control of your robot and take on other robots.

The game has highly tactical gameplay with many special attacks and sneaky tricks to win the battles. You’ll be fighting in a battle arena along with your other five teammates. A sound strategy, good coordination with teammates, and best use of your robot’s abilities is the key to victory.

In this regard, the game features more than 50 robots waiting for you to unlock them. Each robot specializes in a certain department, abilities, and weapons. As for weapons, you'll have all sorts of heavy weaponry such as ballistic missiles, rapid-fire machine guns, plasma guns, and more. If you have what it takes to dictate the battlefield, put your skills to test.


  • Fight with advanced robots with a destructive power

  • Unlock new robots or upgrade their skills

  • Experience real-time multiplayer action in 6 vs 6 PvP battles

  • Realistic graphics and with uniquely designed robots

  • Plan, coordinate and execute your strategy

Here there is a video form of this particular tutorial if you opt for it:

How to enjoy War Robots on PC

Go through the following instructions diligently:

  1. The first thing is usually to go to the official BlueStacks website, which is the Android emulator we are going to use to try out the game. On this website, you will find a description of the game and the benefits you must enjoy it on a Laptop or computer.

  2. Now we have to click on the button "Download War Robots on PC". BlueStacksInstaller.exe is the file that has been saved.

  3. Ahead of continuing the installation procedure, the device asks permission. To open the installer, allow the Windows simply by hitting Yes.

  4. In the installer, you'll find the opportunity to modify the location in which the emulator is going to be installed. If you will click "customize installation", you'll be provided with the opportunity to pick any place within your computer so as to install the emulator. We don't need to change the location and so we will proceed with default setting and the emulator would be installed in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks"

  5. Choose the "Install Now" option and the download, as well as installation of the emulator, will begin.

  6. The emulator will begin by itself right after being downloaded within your Laptop or computer. For the very first time, the emulator is going to be launched after some time but next time, it will be started immediately. Some laptops with most recent processors do not take this time and launch the emulator right after it's downloaded and installed.

  7. The next thing is to sign in to Google Play. Therefore we start off Sign in, just click Sign in once again, and then a screen will appear where we have to enter our username and password to our Google account. This step is necessary so as to continue.

  8. Here is the "Google Terms of Service" you need to accept. After accepting these terms, there will be an option to produce the device back-up on Google Drive. "Agree" in order to do this.

  9. Google Play Menu might appear on your screen. You only need to press the button of "Go to the desktop".

  10. From Emulator's desktop, you need to click the game button which is "War Robots". Google Play may appear on the computer screen and can request you to click on the "Install" button. In case you have quick internet this downloading will be carried out quickly.

  11. Now click on the "Open" option in order to launch and even enjoy the game. You are ready to have fun with this thrilling game on your computer.

  12. Want to play in full screen! What you need to do is to push F11 from your laptop's keyboard. In order to see a normal display screen, press F11 once more.

  13. For those who like to switch the language of this emulator as well as the games, you have to pick the cogwheel that we have on the bottom right corner. First of all, go to Preferences and you are able to opt for any language from the "Language Configuration" menu. WOW, it is quite simple!

I am sure you can also enjoy this game in all its elegance because of the BlueStacks emulator.

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