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Left to Survive on PC

You would have played Left to Survive on your phones or tablets as it's an Android OS game. We will try Left to Survive in another way in order to have a lot more fun and play it on Windows PCs so that you can be a lot more amused. 

Left to Survive: Zombie Survival PvP Shooter is an action survival and shooter mobile game. The world has fallen prey to a global zombie apocalypse with flesh-eating creatures ruling the streets now. As the name suggests, you must ward off waves of zombies by any means possible for a chance of survival. You’ll be using any weapon at your disposal to shoot and kill zombies and other more powerful monsters trying to get a piece of you.

Players have a range of weapons to choose from ranging from pistols, rifles, shotguns to automatics. To unlock new and more powerful weaponry, you either have to advance onto the next missions or buy them from an in-app purchase option.

Unfortunately, zombies are not the only threat here as you’ll also face other human players in PvP multiplayer mode. Apart from fighting, you also have a home base to look after for which you need to secure ground and arrange resources.

Left to Survive is a complete combination of non-stop violence, shooting, gore, horror, and every dirty trick necessary for survival. It will challenge your nerves and intellect to a very last extent.


  • Kill waves of undead

  • Explosive PvP action against live opponents

  • Customize and look after your home base

  • Unlock powerful weapons

  • Experience a real-time zombie apocalypse

If you'd like to play Left to Survive even on a big screen then this is the tutorial:

How to play Left to Survive on PC

Keep your eyes on these instructions diligently:

  1. First, you have to open BlueStacks official website because it works as an Android emulator. On this website, you can find a description of the exciting game and also the advantages you have to enjoy it on PC.

  2. Now we need to choose the button "Download Left to Survive on PC". See, a file has now been saved which is BlueStacksInstaller.exe .

  3. When you will open BlueStacksInstaller.exe , you will be asked for authorization. For this reason, we click on Yes and the installed will start.

  4. We have been also given the option to select a custom location for installing Bluestacks Emulator. If you are interested in changing the directory and would like to choose a customized location then click on the icon of "Customize installation". We can also skip this process simply by leaving the configurations at default and then the computer will install it in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks".

  5. The process of emulator set up has now been begun.

  6. The emulator starts by itself after being downloaded inside your Laptop or computer. Because it is the first time it is started it will take more time to begin. Depending upon the power of your PC it will take more or perhaps less.

  7. Immediately, Google Play starts, and then we must log in. Just click the 'Sign in" icon and provide login details of the Google account that are your username and password. This task is vital to move forward.

  8. You simply can't get to the next thing without accepting "Google Terms of Service" We just click "I agree", and it offers us the possibility to have a data backup of our Android os gadget on Google Drive. We "Agree" however it's optional.

  9. Now, the menu of Google Play will likely be there on the screen. Nothing to do with it, simply hit "Go to the desktop".

  10. You'll see "Left to Survive" in the emulator's desktop, select it so that you can continue the installation. Google Play may pop on the screen and will ask you to click on the "Install" option. The game is downloading and the speed depends on your internet.

  11. Once the download is done, we pick the "Open" button and then the game has been started. You can have fun with the game on your PC with your keyboard together with the mouse.

  12. In order to play in full screen, we have to press the F11 key on the computer keyboard. To leave the full screen, click exactly the same key again from the computer keyboard.

  13. You can find another appealing feature for you! Just go to the bottom right corner on this particular cogwheel to convert the language of this exciting game. Look for the specific language in the drop-down menu of "Language Configuration" and therefore select it. And we get it changed.

This is what you must do to experience this game on a large screen utilizing BlueStacks Emulator.

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