How to download King's Raid on PC


King's Raid on PC

Up to now, you should have played out King's Raid on the smartphones as it's an Android game. You'll be excited to discover that there's no need to give pressure to your beautiful eyes by playing King's Raid on mobile phones however, you can play it on Windows PCs and even manage the game using mouse and keyboard. 

King’s Raid is an action mobile RPG featuring turn-based battles in both multiplayer modes and against computer opponents. You will be playing in the boots of Kasel, a righteous knight dedicated to eradicating the grips of dark forces that threaten the peace of your world.

As the game progresses, players can collect different heroes with ranging abilities such as knight, archer, wizard, assassin, and more. Next, you'll need to form a team of four heroes and empower them to the maximum extent as only they'll be used in combat. Your goal is to lead your noble heroes through the combats in campaign missions that are accessible in different locations on the map.

Your team will automatically fight against the enemies however, you can manually select which ability to use at what instance if you have a strategy in mind. To get new heroes, you'll have to purchase them in exchange for rubies that you can either buy with real money or earn after completing the campaign.

Wait, there is more. King’s Raid lets you team up with other players in multiplayer mode to collectively take on various game modes such as World Boss or Guild Raid. King’s Raid provides mesmerizing graphics with quality animation and a detailed storyline to look forward to.


  • PvE and PvP battle modes

  • 7 different classes of heroes

  • Lots of game modes

  • Form a custom team of your choice

  • Battle powerful opponents or team up with others

If you'd like to enjoy King's Raid on a big screen then this is the tutorial:

How to enjoy King's Raid on PC

You need to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. The first thing is usually to go to the official BlueStacks website, which is the Android emulator we're going to use to try out the game. Do you want to know what benefits you will get by playing King's Raid on Computer! Read about it in this particular site.

  2. Right here is the option of "Download King's Raid on PC", click it. You will find a file titled BlueStacksInstaller.exe in your computer's downloads.

  3. Proceed the file BlueStacksInstaller.exe and Windows asks for permission to set up it. To open the installer, permit Windows simply by clicking on Yes.

  4. We have been even provided with the opportunity to choose a customized location for installing Bluestacks Emulator. Once you will click on "customize installation", you will be given the opportunity to choose any place in your pc in order to install the Bluestacks emulator. "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks" is actually the default directory for the Bluestacks emulator.

  5. Now, the computer is installing and also downloading the Bluestacks emulator.

  6. The system will carry out installing and start Bluestacks Emulator on its own. It will need a few seconds to launch for the first time. Well, this time may differ from PC to PC.

  7. The next phase is to log in to Google Play. Give username and password of your own Google Account after clicking on Sign in. If you'll not logon to Google Play you will be unable to have accessibility to King's Raid game on Computer.

  8. So as to proceed, you'll need to accept "Google Terms of Service" The next option is actually to let us generate the data backup on Google Drive. We just click "Agree".

  9. Google Play can also show up now. Absolutely nothing to do with it, just click "Go to the desktop".

  10. "King's Raid" icon will appear on the desktop of this emulator, select it in order to proceed to install. "Install" button will appear in the Google Play menu on your laptop screen, only push on it. The game is installing and the speed is determined by your internet connection.

  11. When the download is completed, we click the "Open" tab and then the exciting game is started. We have finished it! This game is ready to be played out on Computer.

  12. Want to play in full screen! The only thing you have to do is to press F11 from the computer's keyboard. Click exactly the same key to get out of this mode.

  13. There are actually the configurations to convert game language in this particular cogwheel as well. For this, you must go to the "Language Configuration" list. Therefore we have it translated.

Without BlueStacks Emulator, it wouldn't be actually possible to install and enjoy this Android os game on a large screen just like a computer.

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