How to download Guild of Heroes on PC


Guild of Heroes on PC

There are thousands of players of Guild of Heroes Android os mobile phone video game. Let us try out Guild of Heroes in a different way so as to have a lot more fun and play it on Windows PCs so that you will be much more entertained. 

Guild of Heroes is a game tap to attack action RPG featuring PvP battles in the fantasy world of wizards, elves, and witches. You’ll start in the Grey haven, the main center where you can equip with weapons, upgrade your skills, and strengthen your character. You can select the gender and class of your characters from the three given classes of warrior, mage, and archer.

This game comes with an active combat system where you and your enemy can both attack and evade each other's moves. Therefore, it requires you to accurately time your attacks and make wise use of the skills to win the battle. Guild of Heroes provides a detailed set of features and options required for a battle, making every fight a very tactical encounter.

The game comprises 8 maps of different areas each inhabited by unique beings. You’ll have to face different monsters and their bosses at each location. Battle your way across waves of powerful enemies to become the mightiest warrior in the land.

Guild of Heroes is among the very few RPGs that use 'select and click' to move the character around and attack. You'll love its array of battle arenas and special abilities of characters that make the combats much engaging especially in multiplayer mode.


  • Fantasy RPG

  • Select and click to move the character

  • Realistic environment and captivating graphics

  • 8 different maps with unique habitats

  • PvP battles in different battle arenas

  • Lots of unique monsters

  • Mighty weapons and special abilities

Right here you have the video of this specific tutorial if you give preference to it:

How to enjoy Guild of Heroes on PC

Keep your eyes on these instructions diligently:

  1. The first thing is usually to go to the official BlueStacks website, which is actually the Android emulator we'll use to play this game. Here you will find a description of the exciting game along with the advantages you must play it on PC.

  2. Now we have to click on the option "Download Guild of Heroes on PC". A file BlueStacksInstaller.exe is downloaded.

  3. Windows is not going to install BlueStacksInstaller.exe file without having your authorization therefore a message will show up to request permission. Hence, we click on Yes and the installed will open up.

  4. Now the installer asks to change the directory for installing Bluestacks Emulator. Anywhere you intend to install Bluestacks Emulator in your pc, just select that location by pressing here on the "Customize installation" icon. We can even neglect this process by leaving the configurations at default and then the system will install this emulator in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks".

  5. Remain calm, the emulator is now being downloaded and even installed.

  6. The device will carry out installing and launch Bluestacks Emulator on its own. Only for the first time, the emulator is going to be started after a while but the next time, it will be started instantly. Depending on the ability of your PC it will take more or less.

  7. The next task is to logon to Google Play. Give username and password of your Google Account right after clicking on Sign in. You simply can't neglect this step or else you will not be capable to perform "Guild of Heroes" on your laptop!

  8. You cannot arrive at the next step without accepting "Google Terms of Service" After accepting these terms, there'll be an option to generate the device data backup on Google Drive. In order to avail of this specific opportunity, select "Agree".

  9. Google Play might also show up now. Absolutely nothing to do with it just hit "Go to the desktop".

  10. From Emulator's desktop, you have to hit this game icon which is "Guild of Heroes". "Install" button will show up in the Google Play menu on your computer screen, only press on it. If you have speedy internet then this downloading is going to be finished rapidly.

  11. Now, it is time to have fun playing the exciting game and in order to do so, push the "Open" button. You can have fun playing the game on your PC using the computer keyboard as well as the mouse.

  12. To experience the Guild of Heroes within the full-screen mode, F11 needs to be pushed. To escape the full display screen, press exactly the same key again from pc keyboard.

  13. There is another exciting function to suit your needs! Go to the bottom right corner on this particular cogwheel to alter the language of this game. To do so, you need to visit the "Language Configuration" menu. And there you go!

This is all that you need to do to try out Guild of Heroes on a big screen utilizing BlueStacks Emulator.

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