How to install WhatsApp on PC (Windows and Mac)(2014)


Many people wonder how to make use of WhatsApp on the computer. There are pages on the Internet that promise to have the WhatsApp installable file (WhatsApp.exe). That file is a fraud, because there is NO official WhatsApp application for PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

So if we want to use WhatsApp on PC, we must make use of a Android emulator for PC

Before we begin let's clarify some basic concepts of this tutorial. If you already know what is Android, or have media-advanced knowledge in computers, you can skip this paragraph and go directly to the tutorial which explains the necessary steps to have WhatsApp installed on the computer.


  • Android: it is the operating system used by many mobile phones on the market. This operating system is Linux-based and has been developed by the company Google. In theory, Android can only be used on mobile devices (phones and tablets), but thanks to the emulation, you can install Android on personal Computers (Windows and Mac).

  • Android emulator: it is a program that is installed in the computer and allows to run Android operating system (OS) in the computer. Once installed, the program will be run like any other software, and we will have the Android OS installed in the PC. We can install virtually any Android application on the emulator, and handle it with the PC's mouse and keyboard.

  • .apk: this is the file extension of Android programs. When we open an .apk file in Android, the program inside the apk file will be installed. It is the equivalent of Windows .exe files.

Please note
: to be able to make use of WhatsApp on PC, you should have an extra mobile phone number. That is to say, we will not be able to use the same mobile phone number in the WhatsApp installed on PC. If our mobile number is 777-77-77-77, we will not be able to use that number in the WhatsApp installed on PC, so we must use another different number.

If we try to use the same phone number on the phone and on PC, it is possible that our WhatsApp account will be blocked. In this web address we will be able to see the official web page information about using the same WhatsApp account on different devices.
So, mobile number used in for WhatsApp PC, will be used exclusively on the PC.

This tutorial is useful in the following situations:

  • We want to use a WhatsApp number in forums, sites of sale-purchase, social networks, etc. If we do not want to put our main phone number, we will be able to use a second phone number (virtual or real), and use that number to install WhatsApp without the need for another mobile phone.

  • We want to use WhatsApp as a PC program and only use it when we are in front of the PC. We need to make use of a second mobile phone number.

Download and Install Android emulator

The first thing we need to do is to download BlueStacksAndroid emulator (free), which is available for Windows and Mac. Here's the link to download Windows or Mac version:

To install it, double click on the installer and wait it to finish. The process may take several minutes, because the installer will download additional files from the Internet.

Download WhatsApp.apk:

We will now proceed to download WhatsApp installer for Android. Here is the download URL: Remember that this file cannot be run on Windows or Mac directly, simply save the file on the hard disk in order to use it later with the Android emulator.

WhatsApp Installation in BlueStacks:

Now that we already have the Android emulator installed and have the WhatsApp file on the hard disk, we just need to double click on the WhatsApp.apk file, and it will automatically be opened on BlueStacks, and WhatsApp will be installed on our virtual Android.

If double-clicking on WhatsApp.apk file it does not run BlueStacks, we will click with the right mouse button on the WhatsApp.apk file and choose the option “Open with...”, and we will choose BlueStacks software.

WhatsApp Configuration:

Now we should simply follow the installation steps of WhatsApp.
The first thing is to select the country of our mobile phone number.

Enter the mobile phone number and press OK. A screen will appear warning us that the mobile phone number will be verified.

We must bear in mind that the phone number we enter in this WhatsApp, must be different from the phone number we use in our mobile phone WhatsApp.
We will receive a SMS with a code that we must enter to finish the account verification.
Once we verify our account, we can import contacts and make use of WhatsApp on the PC.

The installation process is simple, and there should be no problem in the steps above. Even so, if you have any problems or suggestions, do not hesitate to use the comments to let us know.

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