WhatsApp and blue double tick


The latest version of WhatsApp (2.11.43), there is a new feature that has been tested during the last month: the double blue tick, or double blue check

What does double check mean? Well, for many users this functionality will bring calm to their lives, because they now can know if the receiver of the message has read the message or not. So: double blue check means that the message you have sent has been read by the person you've sent the message. Although it really means that the receiver mobile phone has received the message, and someone has opened the WhatsApp application on that mobile and has seen the message received.
Now there will be those who change the excuse of “I did not read the message”, to “I did not read the message, has been the cat that was playing with the mobile”.

Double checks/ticks works as follows:

  1. You send a message -> 1 grey tick will appear next to the message. So 1 gray tickmeans the message has been sent to the WhatsApp servers.

  2. The receiver receives the message on his mobile -> Double grey check will appear next to the message. So 2 grey ticks means that the receiver has received the message on his mobile phone.

  3. The receiver launch WhatsApp and read your message -> Double blue check will appear next to the message. So 2 blue ticks mean that the receiver has read your message.

  4. The hours pass and since you see the double blue check and do not receive answer... Problems emerge :)

We have not yet tested how effective is the double tick, so if we receive a message in our mobile and turn off Internet (Wifi, or 3G, etc.), and we launch WhatsApp to read the message, it is likely that the double blue check will not appear. It is something that we're going to test. Do any of you have tried?

This function is probably one of the most anticipated of WhatsApp. After this update, the fights and disputes about double check will soon be but a bad memory. The following video was able to capture perfectly the drama of those situations.

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