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The warrior way

The way we see it, there are two kinds of people in this world: The ones addicted to the versatility and friendly user-interface of Netflix, and the ones that keep on choosing to take the long and hard path, the warrior way. Those who have been downloading and watching series and movies from the internet way before this new Netflixmania even started. The hardships of hunting your own meal (or in this case, downloading your own content) are no joke, but the main task that transforms this whole journey into a tedious one is the manual-download of subtitles for your media.

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I mean, if you are kind of a serial-downloader, you will rapidly find yourself among hundreds and thousands of video files that require subtitles. Once you are trap in there, you will surely get discouraged when you start thinking about the amount of time you will have to incur in order to search for the correct subtitles for each file and the time it will take you to download them. Do not let your heart waiver my friend and do not let yourself get tantalized with the dark side, as there is a fast and easy solution for you named SubDownloader.

Automation is the word

Automation if the future, no way to argue that, and in hands with SubDownloader, the future is already here just waiting for you. So, the question now is: Will you step forward and seize your chances?

We are presenting here a program for automatic finding and downloading (and also uploading) subtitles for your movies, series and even your documentals. The tool uses a special hash function for finding correct subtitles from and some other places within the internet, and at the same time, the software supports video clips encoded with the AVI, MPEG and DivX standards among other conventional formats. Thus, you won't have to go through any trouble again when it comes to finding and downloading subtitles.

Future in motion

SubDownloader is way to easy to be used as it is quite friendly to the user, even to those with little or no experience downloading subtitles. You can get started by navigating to the folder you want to work with, selecting the video files you want to get a subtitle for, then you execute the program and let all the magic happens. Easy, right? I mean, you do not even are required to log in to any account, or anything like that, as once you have made the selection, the software will automatically display all available subtitles (it is also possible to filter them according to language).

In addition, you can search for subtitles according to the movie name, select which website will be queried and view movie information. One big advantage here is that you can either load individual videos or an entire folder, so you can search of all your items at once (like the complete seasons of your favorite series).

You can also upload subtitles of your own, if you want to share them with the world. For that you will have to set the movie title, subtitles language, release name, along with comments. Furthermore, you can configure the program's settings. This means you can filter search results according to preferred languages, set the default destination folder, file name of the subtitles and default language of uploaded subtitles.

You can also configure proxy settings, change the interface language and input the video player and parameters for an external application when it comes to video playback. We also can say that the software uses a moderate amount of system resources, so, you will not even know it is running.

Features for the braves

Working with this tool, you will be glad to count with the following assertions:

  • No spyware involved;
  • Recursively folders search;
  • Multilingual (more than 50 languages);
  • Download entire folders of movies with just one click in a few seconds;
  • No adware;
  • Source code available at project homepage;
  • Free & safe;
  • Works with all Windows versions;
  • Many more!

Which path will you follow?

Life do not have to be hard anymore for you, so, it is all down to your personal choices now. Finding subtitles for your movies and series has never been this easy before, so, you can just say goodbye to searching by title and individual items, just ONE CLICK over the folder or file and it will find subtitles automatically for you. That simple, that painless, that automated! Things can get any better than this.

by Augusto Baldi

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