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Steam is a platform of digital distribution of videogames, where you can buy them, download them or play them online.

In order to use this virtual store you must register yourself on Steam. You can do this from the official web site or whilst Steam is installing on your computer. Not only you can access to buy games but also other types of software and you can download a big amount of demos.

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Steam is available in English and has a modern, clear and intuitive interface. Through their graphic environment you can buy, download and manage games. Once ran on the computer you will find a screen with four big sections.

  1. Store: Where are listed all the games available to buy. Inside this section you will find the Featured articles: the highlighted games for the different operative systems and those who are recently added; Genre: organized in categories of games; Demos: where you can download games trials; Videos: multimedia files about the games; Tips for you: games that the platform recommends according with your Steam preferences.
  2. Library: in this section is where all the games that you bought or the demos you tried are added. Also shows the achievements reached on games, the wish list of games and other social characteristics.
  3. News: all the news related to the games. You can choose to see only the headers of the notes or the complete notice and also see the news in channels, like announcements, reviews, updates of the games, etc.
  4. Community: this is the section where is gathered all the Steam community and where your user data is. Here you can see your profile, the friends you have, the groups you belong to, your received invites and other similar options.

On Steam, this Community works like a social network, where add friends, connect with them, participate on different groups and play online.

Steam has multiplayer support, automatic updates of videogames, a wide range of categories and games, additionally of offers and interesting prices.

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