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Desura is a free service, of digital distribution, to buy games.

Although it takes a while to install on the equipment, Desura is a fruitful platform where to find thousands of games if you are a fan of the games. Once the program is installed on the computer you have to create a user account and get register to access and take full advantage.

Desura screenshot

Basically, Desura is an online shop, although it has a remarkable extra: the users are able to create modes of the different games and upload them to the platform so they can be used by other users. On Desura you can find a multitude of games, some free to download, and other pay, which highlights good deals.

Desura has a pleasant and modern graphical user interface, very intuitive and easy to use. At the top, you will see your avatar and username, along with a menu that includes access to the games, to the Desura community and to the application technical support.

As you click on these tabs you’ll see different screens. If you access to Games you’ll see the new games, the most popular, the last uploaded and available on the platform, beside of the offers to buy game software.

You can search for the type of game or the name of it. Once you access the game information, you’ll find a summary of it, news, reviews, videos and images, and comments from other users. As you may see Desura offers a lot of information on each game, which includes statistics of visits, downloads, and views of it by the users.

by Augusto Baldi

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