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SmartSniff allows you to analyze the TCP/IP packages that pass through your network adapter. It organizes the data like a sequence of conversations between the customer and the servants.

Its graphical interface shows two panels where the package and the information detailed in hexadecimal or ASCII mode is seen.

SmartSniff screenshot

Other characteristics of SmartSniff is that it includes: the usage of color to emphasize the local or remote traffic code, the possibility of exporting the result to a HTML file, the capture filters edition and more.

Like an additional advantage, SmartSniff is free and portable: : you do not need to install it for usage. It is only necessary to copy the EXE file in the decided folder and open it.

SmartSniff can be used with sockets raw in Windows 2000/XP or superior. This allows capturing the TCP/IP packages of the network with no need of a specific controller installation.

You can also use SmartSniff with WinPcap Capture Driver to capture TCP/IP packages from all the operating Windows systems.

For Windows 2000, XP or 2003 does exist another option to make the capture, and it is by the Microsoft controller Network Monitor.

SmartSniff can be set up to see the pictures of dialogue, menus and other texts in the language you prefer.

by Augusto Baldi

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