Download Apex Legends for free from Origin


Apex Legends the new free Battle Royale from PC

In recent years the popularity of the Battle Royale has grown exponentially. First, it was PUBG, then Fortnite, and now it's the turn of EA's free game Apex Legends.

This game is available for Windows PCs, as well as other platforms, from which you can enjoy this title for free thanks to EA's video game platform called Origin

How to download Apex Legends for free from Origin

Instructions for downloading and installing the game:

The first thing is to download the Origin platform on our PC and install it.

IMPORTANT: We must create an account in Origin associated with our email. Some people have reported problems when registering the account, so you should make sure that the email you enter is the correct one and check your SPAM folder.
I remind you of the importance of not using the same password in all our online accounts, so I recommend you to use KeePass to manage passwords in Windows.

Once we have registered at Origin, we will enter our credentials (email and password) and proceed to install the Origin shop on our PC. Remember that Origin is a videogame store from the company EA where besides being able to download Apex Legends, we will be able to buy and download other games such as FIFA or The SIMS.

Once Origin is open, we will look for the name of the Apex Legends game in the search engine, which will offer us a list of results. We click on the game in question, and the option to add the game to our video game library will appear. To do so, we must click on the "Download with Origin" button.

Now we can choose our language.

The time has come to choose the location where we are going to install the game. It is essential to know that we must have at least 20.52 GB of hard disk space to be able to install the game.

During the download, we will see a progress bar that will indicate the status of the download. It is important to take into account that if you have a slow Internet connection, the download process will take a long time, so you will have to be patient.

Once the progress reaches 40% (about 5 GB downloaded), the game will be playable, and we won't have to wait for the game to be downloaded 100% to be able to play and start enjoying this great Battle Royale.

Problems installing Apex Legends and Origin

Some users have reported various problems when downloading and installing Apex Legends on their Windows PC. Some of the issues detected are as follows:

  • I install Origin, and it does not open or displays a black window:
    It is possible that after installing Origin, it does not open. You can try the following: uninstall, reinstall Origin, and relaunch the application. If this does not work, we should go to the folder where Origin was installed and look for the file "OriginThinSetupInternal.exe" and remove it. Now we will have to relaunch Origin, but this time, we will click with the right button of the mouse on the Origin icon and click on "Run as Administrator".
    This solution may not work for you if so leave a comment to see if we find some other alternative solution.
  • Error when synchronizing the data stored online:
    This error may occur when trying to run the Apex Legends game. Here are two possible solutions to this problem:
    • Open Origin, and right-click on the game cover. A contextual menu will be displayed, find the option "Cloud storage" and uncheck it. Then try to launch the game.
    • Go to the Windows "My Documents" folder, find the "Apex Legends" folder, and delete it. Then try to launch the game.
  • You have not replied to FunCaptcha" error:
    This error may be because you are trying to register your account from a mobile device that does not support FunCaptcha, or the web browser you are using is not able to correctly represent the FunCaptcha. Try another computer and another browser.
  • Error when receiving the email with the Origin confirmation code:
    Many users have reported problems obtaining the confirmation code once they register for the first time at Origin. Besides checking the Spam folder and making sure we have put the email correctly, there is not much more we can do. So, in this case, we will have to contact EA directly and send them information with our problem. To do this, we must go to EA's help section and click on the button on the bottom left that says, "Select a contact option". There we fill in the information they ask for and tell them our problem when we receive the verification code.

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