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OpenOffice is a free office suite, that allows us to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.

Office tools are useful in any computer. Either on the PC or in the office computer. Have a text editor and a spreadsheets software is something essential.Without a doubt, Microsoft is the highest exponent in Office tools with Microsoft Office. For many years, MS-Office has been the unique office software installed in many PCs. Thanks to free software this situation has changed, and there are different programs with which we can perform all the functions that can be done with MS-Office.

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OpenOffice emerge as an alternative to MS-Office. This software has all the expected tools for a office suite.


This program is the equivalent of MS-Word. Is a full-featured text editor with a multitude of features. We can apply the typical styles to document: bold, underline, italics, ordered lists, bleeding, underline, alignment of text, font color, background color, etc.In addition to text, we will be able to insert: hyperlinks, images, tables, comments, bookmarks, video, and sound, indexes, etc.The editor has a spell checker that highlights the spelling errors as we write. We can add other languages dictionaries, which is very useful if we want to review and correct texts in other languages.We will be able to open the files with .odt format, and MS-Word files (.doc and .docx).


It is the program that allows us to create and edit spreadsheets. We will be able to perform common operations on a worksheet: create formulas, open .csv files, sort the columns, use sums, create multiple sheets, etc.We will be able to password protect the document, or any of the sheets.The program can open spreadsheets with .ods format, and with MS-Excel format (.xls, and .xlt).


This program allows us to create presentations quickly and easily. It is the equivalent of MS-PowerPoint.We can create presentations from pre-existing templates, for example: presentation of a novelty, or the recommendation of a strategy. These templates accelerate the creation process, because we only have to write the desired text on the slides of the template.For those that know how to use PowerPoint, will find very easy to use this program.We can open the files with .odp format, and PowerPoint format (.ppt, .pps, .pot).


This program allows the creation of diagrams, mind maps, 3D illustrations, etc. In general we can create any kind of drawing that will be formed by figures, text, and shapes.Each document can consist of several pages, and we will be able to insert external images.The type of files that can be open with this program are the .odg.


With this program we will be able to create databases and manipulate them.The creation of databases will be created using forms, and we will be able to create new tables using the wizard that provides a number of predefined tables (contact, employees, orders, payments, products, suppliers, etc.), that we will be able to import and modify in our project.

The format supported by this program is the .odb. If we want to open a database in MS-Access, we must use the wizard. Also we will be able to open any database that uses the ODBC or JDBC driver. In addition we will be able to open dBase and MySQL databases.


Lets us create graphically mathematical equations thanks to the user interface. In this way we can create mathematical formulas by clicking on the figures that will be part of the formula.The supported formats are .odf and .mml (MathML).

As we can see, this program includes all the necessary tools to meet our office needs. We can launch each program separately, or use a launcher that will be let us choose the program that we will use. The launcher also displays the last open document, so that we will have direct access to those documents.

We can download and use this suite free of charge, both for a particular use, such as for business use.

by Augusto Baldi

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