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Morphyre is a 3D plug-in music Visualizer that works on music players such as Windows Media Player and iTunes.

There are programs that can “transform” sounds into moving images. This type of programs were popular thank to the now discontinued Winamp, which included the possibility of adding video plugins that represent the sound into animated images.

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Morphyre can be used in Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, and MediaMonkey. Once the program is installed, we need to launch our favorite audio player and go to the Visualization section. Inside that section it will appear the Morphyre plug-in, once we selected it, it will begin to show 3D images that moves at the rhythm of the music.

Keep in mind that once we install the program, in Windows Start Menu will only appear the option read software help document and uninstall. This does not mean that software is not installed properly. To be able to run and configure the program, we need to access our favorite music player, and follow the next steps:

  • Windows Media Player New versions: click with the right mouse button on the main screen of the player. A context menu will appear, select “Visualizations”, in the new list select Morphyre->Morphyre.

  • Windows Media Player old versions: start the playback of a song and click on the lower half of the button “Now Playing”, which is located in the top left of the window. In the drop-down choose Visualizations->Morphyre->Morphyre.

  • iTunes: if we don't activate the menu bar we must activate it by clicking on the icon in the top left and choosing “Show Menu Bar (Ctrl+B)”. Now in the menu bar, choose “Display->Display->Morphyre Visualizer”. Now we select “Display->Show Display”.

  • Winamp: Options->Display->SelectPlug-ins->Morphyre, and press Start.

  • MediaMonkey: In the Menu bar: ->SetVisualizations->Morphyre, and press Start.

The free edition does not allow any additional configuration. Once we launch the plugin the images in 3D will be rendered one after the other and synchronized with the music, creating animations very colorful and spectacular.

If we purchase the paid version we will be able to configure the 3D scenes that appears on the screen, add special effects to the scenes, design custom scenes, increase scenes rendering quality, and more.

There is a Pro version for professional use, which adds a series of features that make it perfect to be used in a disco or nightclubs.

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