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Guitar Pro is a complete score editor for guitar, bass and banjo. Its use is not limited to the writing of notes, it is an useful tool to accompany the expert guitarists and beginners due to all its features.

With a very easy to use interface, Guitar Pro allows to introduce notes easily and in an intuitive way, using the keyboard, the mouse, or a MIDI instrument.

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Each user can personalise the visualisation mode according to the personal preferences and to the kind of score that is writing. More even, the different tool bars of Guitar Pro speeds up the access to the most important features.

Guitar Pro is much more than a simple editor. With this application it is also possible to see and to listen the created scores in an excellent quality. It also includes several useful tools for the guitarist, such as the generator of diagrams of strings, the tuner of guitars, a metronome, and the scale feature.

To calculate the rhythmic, it is just necessary to load the duration of a note and Guitar Pro will take care of the rest. The program also allows the use of a great quantity of musical symbols, especially the specific ones for guitar.

The application includes the possibility of importing and exporting MIDI and ASCII formats. Down load Guitar Pro and enjoy the dozens of thousands of available in Internet scores for this program.

by Augusto Baldi

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