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MuseScore is a free application for musical notations and edit scores.

If you're a seasoned music, a rookie playing some instrument or just a music enthusiast, MuseScore can be a convenient to manage your sheet music. It is also a good alternative to professional programs such as Sibelius or Finale.

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MuseScore, which is cross-platform, enables publishing scores, be they classical musicians, created by others or made by yourself. It is an editor that allows playback of music and importing and exporting many musical formats.

One of the most important characteristics of MuseScore is that you can access sheet music collections you have from any mobile device, so you do not have to wait to be at the computer to enjoy them. The program also dynamically adapts to the screen you use, be it a smartphone or a tablet, favoring its use.

MuseScore makes uploading sheet music unlimited, quickly enter notes with the mouse, keyboard or MIDI keyboard, and add up to four simultaneous voices in a composition.

Listen to music, change the tempo and navigate easily through scores by MuseScore panel system, which reflect the different symbols that can be inserted into a pentagram: key figures, silences, pauses, bars, joints, accents, ornaments, repetitions and relationships between these signs.

You can print everything, export it to a PDF file or save it as MIDI.Transform into a musician or composer thanks to MuseScore!


by Augusto Baldi

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