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Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Chromium browser is the latest addition to the Microsoft's Edge series. Released on January 15th, 2020, this new version of the browser features chromium-based source code with an increased focus on security and privacy. Unlike the previous versions that were based on EdgeHTML, the latest Edge browser has been moved over to the chromium engine.

For those who are not familiar with the Chromium, it is an open-source software project by Google whose source code can be integrated into a web browser. Google Chrome and Opera are good examples of browsers that make use of chromium core. Since Chromium has an open-source format, it offers much flexibility in terms of development, compatibility, and modifying the source code.

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What is Chromium?

About the new Edge browser

The same principles as the Chromium apply to the latest version of Edge that provides better-integrated developer tools, great HTML5 support, and easy syncing with the devices. Moreover, the new Edge offers great extension support, and any extension available for the Chrome browser is supported by the Edge as well. Unlike previous versions of Edge, the chromium-based Edge is compatible with chrome extensions, and therefore, you have a wide list of extensions to choose from. In this regard, The Edge browser features its official extension library as the primary source to get extensions.

The new Edge is relatively more power efficient as compared to its counterpart Chrome browser when speaking in the context of computer resources. Under the same workload, the new Edge consumes less RAM in contrast to the chrome browser, which in return leads to somewhat faster performance.

However, security is probably the most prominent trait of the chromium-based Edge browser. Built-in tools let the Edge block all sorts of first and third-party cookies that could keep track of your browser activity. Using three distinct layers of protection, the new Edge keeps the trackers at bay. Upon installation, the balanced protection layer is active that blocks any malicious and some third-party trackers. The basic protection layer is relatively flexible, blocking only Microsoft designated malicious trackers while the strict layer will block almost all the third-party trackers.

Adding more to the privacy department, the new Edge allows better control over our privacy, and it is much easier to manage our privacy preferences. In this regard, the privacy settings on the new Edge are laid out plainly with a clear explanation of what a certain setting does and how it affects your privacy. Also, when you are on a website, the Edge allows you complete control over the site's tracking and your privacy. You can manually alter the site permissions, associated cookies, enable or disable ads or pop-ups, and modify the site's tracking permissions. You can also keep a check over the blocked trackers and cookies and view them anytime.

The Latest chromium-based Edge browser is available for use on Windows, and Android while featuring in 90+ languages. For Windows users, they can download and install the new Edge for Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1. Surprisingly, even though Microsoft has ended the support for Windows 7 yet the new Edge browser permits its download for Windows 7 systems. Meanwhile, the browser will be installed automatically via a windows update on Windows 10 systems. Other Windows users can manually download the browser from the official Microsoft website or from Usitility. Since you can download the Edge browser in your smartphone as well, your computer and phone remain connected and won't separate.

Once you install the new Edge browser, you can import the settings, preferences, passwords, data, and favorites from your previous version of the Edge browser. The option to import settings from Google Chrome is also available.

In many ways, the new Edge browser resembles Google Chrome but with a set of few extra features that might compel us to switch over to the new Edge. With added security, enhanced privacy settings, and less RAM consumption, the chromium-based Edge browser is worth a try.

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