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DVD Decrypter allows to make DVD/CD backup copies.

DVD and CD discs have a tendency to deteriorate over the years, and therefore the information contained in them may become unrecoverable. The life and duration of CDs and DVDs is a topic of discussion between manufacturers, and independent studies. The manufacturers claim that CDs and DVDs can last for 100 years and even 200. Independent studies claim that the average duration is 10 years. Beyond the studies and data, the best we can do is keep our CDs/DVDs in a dry place, away from light and well protected. In addition it's recommended to perform a backup on a more long-lasting storage unit. To accomplish this, we must make use of a specialized software to backup our DVDs and CDs.

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DVD Decrypter allows us to make copies of CDs and DVDs and save them on hard disk. This program is specialized in backups of DVD movies, as it allows us to “dump” movies that are copy-protected. Movies with copy protection are those that can not be copied in the usual way on a computer, and therefore, may not be saved on hard disk to avoid deterioration. Thanks to this program we will be able to preserve our DVD movies in a digital format.

The program stopped developing in the year 2005, and its last version was the This implies that we may not be able to make backup copies of DVD movies whose protection system was developed later in the year 2005.

The program also allows us to rip DVD movie by selecting only the scenes and audio tracks we want, and can reduce movie size on the hard disk.

Another possibility is to create CDs and DVDs ISO images. This way we can create an exact movie copy but removing the copy protection. This ISO image can be later burned on a DVD using DVD Decrypter or any other burning software like ImgBurn. In addition, ISO images can be used by programs that emulate a virtual CD/DVD, so if we want to, we will not have to burn ISO image on a physical disk.

The program is free and takes up less than 1 Megabyte installed on the hard disk.

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