Rubén Hernández

Rubén Hernández is the creator of Usitility, responsible for design, programming, server maintenance and content creation.

Uses Linux in his work. During his infancy, childhood, adolescence and until now, he has managed Windows in all its versions: Windows 3.11, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Have an Android phone and his favorite browser is Google Chrome.

As a fan of the computers, he likes to share his knowledge with other people, being that the main reason why he created his first software website called Utilidades Útiles (Useful Utilities), that it was the forerunner of the current Usitility. At that website he collect and write about those programs that he considered that it could be useful to other people.

His first PC comes at the age of 13, and was Windows 3.11 installed on it and the wonderful terminal, which he learned to use primarily to be able to decompress and play the games that arrive via floppy disks, because at that time there was no Internet as we know it today. It was 3 years later, when he won a raffle from a video games magazine, wich prize was a 14,400 baud modem, which served him to have access for the first time to the amazing world of the BBS.

During those years acquired lots of knowledge about MS-DOS and Windows, in addition to compiling on CDs a series of programs which he considered necessary and useful, and that by that time, not many people knew. He remember with nostalgia the use of a software called Onlinecall, that allows to detect if someone was calling the phone while you was using the Modem to connect to the Internet, and in that way, be able to hang the Internet connection and receive the phone call.
These software are the ones that he liked to recommend to their friends, and it quickly became a source of information to recommend any software to do this or that.

He liked play and use with many of the Windows and MS-DOS programs, like video-editing programs such as Combustion, 3D software such as 3D Studio Max, or image-editing programs such as Photoshop. The music has always been one of his hobbies, and he liked the Deejaysystem software to mix into his dance sessions along with the digital turntables Pioneer CDJ-100S.

His professional career was oriented toward the web pages development and programming, getting honours in the grade of DAI Desarrollo Aplicaciones Informáticas, and creating his own company focused on the creation of web pages.

During all these years he has written reviews for the programs listed in Useful Utilities and Usitility, in addition to giving support to those users that requested in the forum, while it was active.

Today, in addition to offering their knowledge in multiple YouTube channels, like the Usitility and laTubeGuia channels (focused on the world of YouTube).

You Can contact him on twitter @RubenPHP or on his professional website