How to download Matchington Mansion on PC


Matchington Mansion on PC

Matchington Mansion is actually a game for Android mobiles along with tablets. You'll certainly be excited to learn that there is no more need to give pressure to your attractive eyes by enjoying Matchington Mansion on smartphones however you can play it on Windows PCs and even control the game using mouse and keyboard. 

Matchington Mansion is a matching puzzle game that combines elements of other matching puzzle games like candy crush saga. As an heir to the mansion owned by your late grandmother, you must repair the broken house that is in a quite bad shape. Doing so requires resources such as coins and stars that are gained through completing stages in regular gameplay.

The gameplay involves matching the cushions of the same shapes and colors in a pair of 3 while executing the least possible number of moves. Once the pair of 3 is made, the pair explodes, filling the emptied area with the remaining cushions on the deck. You continue until the required score is reached to win the stage in which case you earn stars and coins. However, you lose the match if the limit for the maximum moves to execute is reached and the objectives are not yet achieved.

That’s not all as Matchington Mansion does not force you to expend every ounce of your brainpower. You can make the most from its remodeling and customization aspect that lets you modify your house as you like. Matchington Mansion is just the right game for all the puzzle lovers out there or those who simply want to pass their time in a good manner.


  • 3D graphics with amazing animations

  • Lots of stages with challenging puzzles

  • Restore and decorate your house at will

  • Join the community of other players around the globe 

If you wish to enjoy Matchington Mansion on a big screen then this is the tutorial:

How to play Matchington Mansion on PC

You need to follow the given instructions:

  1. To start with, you should open BlueStacks official website since it works as an Android emulator. On this website you'll find a description of this game and the benefits you must play it on Computer.

  2. This is actually the button of "Download Matchington Mansion on PC", click it. A file BlueStacksInstaller.exe is saved.

  3. Before continuing the installation procedure, the laptop will ask authorizations. Hence, we click Yes and then the installed will open.

  4. Now the installer will ask to change the directory for installing Bluestacks Emulator. Wherever you would like to install Bluestacks Emulator in your pc, just choose that location by pressing here on the "Customize installation" icon. By default, it's going to be installed in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks".

  5. The process of emulator set up has now been begun.

  6. When the download and even installing are finished, the BlueStacks emulator will be started automatically. Just for the 1st time, the emulator is going to be launched after a while but the next time, it will be started immediately. Some computers with most recent processors do not take the time and start the emulator soon after it's downloaded and also installed.

  7. Immediately, Google Play starts, and then we must log in. We're going to accomplish it by means of our login details in the given fields. If you will not log in to Google Play then you will be unable to get access to Matchington Mansion game on PC.

  8. Here is "Google Terms of Service" you need to accept. After accepting these conditions, there'll be an option to produce the device data backup on Google Drive. We select "Agree".

  9. Google Play Menu may appear on the screen. Just press the button of "Go to the desktop".

  10. From Emulator's desktop, you should hit this game button which is "Matchington Mansion". And then, you'll see Google Play menu again and then select the "Install" option. The download of the exciting game will begin and depending on your connection it will require more or perhaps less time to download.

  11. Now press on the "Open" option in order to start and enjoy the game. You can now play the game on your laptop using the computer keyboard as well as the mouse.

  12. By just pressing F11, it is possible to play in full screen. Click exactly the same key to get out of this mode.

  13. In case you want to switch the language of the emulator and the games, you must click on the cogwheel that we've on the bottom right corner. Find the specific language within the drop-down list of "Language Configuration" and finally select it. Hence, there you go!

This is all that you need to do to experience this game even on a large screen utilizing BlueStacks Emulator.

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