How to download Lords Mobile Battle of the empires on PC


Lords Mobile Battle of the empires on PC

Among various other popular Android video games for mobile phones as well as tablets, Lords Mobile Battle of the empires is actually the most popular video game these days. In this tutorial, I'm going to let you know how to download and install this online game in order to play it on Windows PCs in a simple manner, and as a consequence, you can enjoy this game on a large screen and you can control the online game with less effort while using the Computer keyboard and mouse.

Lords Mobile: Battle of the empires is a war-based real-time strategy RPG that sets in a fantasy land of various kingdoms fighting to dominate each other. Upon the death of the first emperor, the empire has been dismembered and each kingdom fights to claim the throne forcefully. The world has been pushed into chaos and only you can once again unite all the guilds under one flag.

The game consists of several unique heroes that can lead an army to a battle on your command. Strategically making use of each hero’s special ability is the key to victory. Lords Mobile features a competitive combat mode that you can test in the campaign across the world map to slay monsters.

In online PvP battle mode, you can attack other player’s headquarters to loot resources. Also, you could ally with other warlords who can aid you in case of an attack or raid on another kingdom.

Amid all, you need to run the affairs in your kingdom too by placing industries, structures, farms and keeping the population fed. In short, Lords Mobile features all the necessary aspects of a real-life kingdom that give players a chance to experience the age of empires.


  • Lots of characters with unique abilities

  • Battle online with other players for dominance

  • Form alliance, raid and loot other kingdoms

  • Slay monsters that threaten your kingdom

  • Build and run your castle

Just keep paying attention to this video tutorial in case you are concerned to try out this game on Laptop or computer:

How to enjoy Lords Mobile Battle of the empires on PC

The instructions to try out Lords Mobile Battle of the empires on Computer are below:

  1. First, you should open BlueStack's official website since it performs just like an Android emulator. On this web site, you can find a description of this game along with the benefits you must play it on the Computer.

  2. Right here is the option of "Download Lords Mobile Battle of the empires on PC", push it. You'll find a file given the name BlueStacksInstaller.exe in your computer's downloads.

  3. Once you will open BlueStacksInstaller.exe , you'll be asked for permission. We reply yes and then the installer opens up.

  4. We can even change the directory where you want to install this emulator. Where ever you want to install Bluestacks Emulator in your computer, just opt for that directory by clicking here on "Customize installation" icon. "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks" is actually the default location for the emulator.

  5. Wait and see, the emulator is now being downloaded and installed.

  6. The system will carry out installing and start Bluestacks Emulator automatically. For the first time, the emulator is going to be launched after a while but the next time, it will be started right away. Well, this time varies from PC to PC.

  7. This is the time to log in to Google Play and see it's coming out automatically. Just click the 'Sign in" button and then enter the login credentials of your Google account that are your username and password. You are unable to ignore this step otherwise you will not be able to perform "Lords Mobile Battle of the empires" on your desktop!

  8. Here is the "Google Terms of Service" you need to accept. Now we are given one more opportunity, in Google Drive, we may produce the data backup of our Android gadget. "Agree" in order to do so.

  9. You will now see Google Play. Just click the button of "Go to the desktop".

  10. From Emulator's desktop, you must click the game button that is "Lords Mobile Battle of the empires". Google Play will pop on your computer screen and can ask you to select the "Install" option. If you have swiftly internet connection then this installing will be completed quickly.

  11. Once the download is completed, we choose the "Open" option and then the game is started. We are done with it! The game is certainly ready to be performed on Computer.

  12. So as to play in full screen, we need to click the F11 key from the keyboard. Press exactly the same key to leave this style.

  13. You can find the options to alter game language in this cogwheel as well. Find the targeted language within the drop-down list of "Language Configuration" and finally choose it. So we have changed.

Therefore, the credit goes to BlueStacks Emulator which has given the chance to play Android OS games on Laptops or computers.

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