How to download Dragon Champions on PC


Dragon Champions on PC

There are lots of players in the Dragon Champions Android mobile phone game. Let us try out Dragon Champions in a different way to have more fun and play it on Windows PCs so that you can be much more amused. 

Dragon Champions is an action gacha role-playing game that lets us experience a world of powerful champions fighting in bombastic battles. The gameplay mostly relies on close combats in both PvE and PvP battle modes. You can choose your heroes from varying clans with creatures like demons, orcs, goblins, pandas, humans, and elves.

The game features over 50 characters that you can unlock and play with. The battles are mostly fast-paced where you can select and deploy your hero as you wish. Winning depends upon your fight strategy and skills of the heroes. You also engage your units in auto-battle mode and let them fight on their own.

The multiplayer arena of the Dragon Champions is really active where you can ally with other players from around the world to form guilds. Next, you can collectively compete in guild missions or raid enemies together. The game features a detailed campaign mode with lots of missions. You also get to play daily quests and mini-goals.

Dragon Champions comes with beautiful 3D graphics and smooth game mechanics combined with great story-line and character customization. Don’t miss out on this epic experience.


  • Choose from 7 different mythical factions

  • Meet over 50 unlockable and playable characters

  • Complete story mode and daily quests

  • Fight enemies in combat of strength and strategy

  • Join an alliance and coordinate in fights

Keep viewing this tutorial if you are eager to play Dragon Champions on Laptop or computer:

How to play Dragon Champions on PC

Here are the instructions:

  1. To begin with, you must open the BlueStacks official website as it works just like an Android emulator. In this site, it's also possible to take a look at game descriptions together with the benefits of playing on PC.

  2. Now we need to click on the option "Download Dragon Champions on PC". A file BlueStacksInstaller.exe is downloaded.

  3. Whenever you will open BlueStacksInstaller.exe, you'll be requested for authorization. Hence, we click Yes and the installer will open.

  4. You can even change the directory in which we want to install this emulator. If you are interested in modifying the location and would like to pick a customized location then simply choose the button of "Customize installation". We do not want to change the location and so we will continue with default setting and the emulator is going to be installed in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks"

  5. Remain calm, the emulator is being downloaded as well as installed.

  6. The system will accomplish installing and then launch Bluestacks emulator by itself. Just for the first time, the emulator will be launched after some time but the next time, it'll be started right away. If your Laptop or computer model is innovative then it will be started very quickly even the 1st time.

  7. The next step is to log in to Google Play. Click on the 'Sign in" icon and then provide the login credentials of your Google account that are your username and password. This task is compulsory to continue.

  8. Now we'll accept the "Google Terms of Service", which welcomes us. After accepting these terms, there will be an option to create the device backup on Google Drive. We "Agree" however it's non-compulsory.

  9. You will now see Google Play. Nothing to do with it, just press "Go to the desktop".

  10. From Emulator's desktop, you'll have to press the game icon which is "Dragon Champions". And then, you will see the Google Play menu again after which pick the "Install" option. If you have swiftly internet connection this downloading is going to be completed soon.

  11. To start Dragon Champions, you must visit the "Open" option. You are now able to enjoy the game on your PC using your computer keyboard together with the mouse.

  12. Would you like to play on the full screen! All that you should do is to hit F11 from your computer's keyboard. Click the same key in order to leave this style.

  13. You may even customize the game language and to do that, press on this cogwheel. To accomplish this, you'll have to check out the "Language Configuration" menu. And there you have it!

Without the BlueStacks emulator, it would not be possible to install and play this Android OS game on a large screen just like a laptop.

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Would you like to be able to run all the applications you have installed on your Android mobile phone directly on a computer with Windows? You should know then that there is a specially developed program for it: BlueStacks. In fact,...

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