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Battle for Wesnoth is a totally free strategy game that includes a very intuitive and easy to use interface. Besides, the developers of the game allow the evolution of the characteristics to be infinite thanks to the opening of its license and free display code.

The possibility to execute the game in multi-player version provided that Battle for Wesnoth is positioned as one of the favourite ones by the addicts in that type of games of military strategy. When we played on-line we have the possibility to choose a nickname and access it through an only password in the lobby of the game, what will give us autonomy and differential in relation to the other players.

The terrain of the battlefield and images were improved to provide to the players an only experience concerning the game format.

Battle for Wesnoth brings a Chat where we can talk with our enemies to look for a strategic alliance or simply to challenge our opponents.

For strategy games lovers of the, Battle for Wesnoth has become one of the most wanted games, not only for its characteristic form of seeing the battlefield, as well as for the multiplicity of available languages.

Many players could notice with great enthusiasm, that this game, more than scenery of cruel battles can become a social net thanks to relationship that we will have among the players gotten with several similar missions. You will spend hours it behind the screen solving enigmas and eliminating opponents until controlling Wesnoth completely.

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