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XP Codec Pack is a group of codecs (as indicates its name), which counts with several of these files that helps computer`s audio and video playing.

You probably have had to handle with this uncomfortable situation of not being able to watch or listen to some movie or video clip audio. So, XP Codec Pack is the one who will end with these unlucky events that has driven more than one person crazy.

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Even the name of the program is not in plural; XP Codec Pack really contains several codices groups so that everything you run and play in your computer can be completely acceptable and accessible.

Another feature presented by XP Codec Pack is that in its installation process, besides of making all these codecs available to increase your videos and audios quality, it also gives you Media Player Classic, so you can see the efficiency of this great pack.

Media Player Classic interface is very simple and as indicates its name, very Classic; however its functioning is entirely guaranteed.

You no longer have to bare those situations in which you cannot see your favorite videos, all you have to do is installing XP Codec Pack in your computer and it will be in charge of allowing you to enjoy audio visual entertainment.

by Augusto Baldi

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