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xp-AntiSpy is a small utility that will allow you to disable some Windows XP updating and authenticating functions.

For example, in Windows XP there is a process called "Automatic Updates" that executes itself in Background. The information that is being transferred in the process to other machines in internet is unknown, especially to the Microsoft machines. This is why it is safe to disable this type of processes or functions. This type of functions can be immobilized manually navigating in the system options and activating or deactivating certain squares.

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This process would take approximately half an hour, with xp-AntiSpy you will be able to conduct these operations in less than a minute.

xp-AntiSpy has been satisfactorily proven by a great amount of users who have been able to disable all the “suspicious” functions of Windows XP.

xp-AntiSpy comes along with a configuration by defect that is the recommended one, but it allows modifications in this configuration by defect.

by Augusto Baldi

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