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Although living in a big city has many advantages and benefits, traffic is undoubtedly not one of them, and that causes a considerable number of people to encounter problems getting to their workplace or any other place they are going to. Luckily, some applications have appeared over the years that aim to solve our lives; among them, Waze is one of the most attractive.

Waze is now the reference platform that users worldwide have when they want to know the traffic conditions in their places or anywhere on the planet, thanks to its real-time information. Just as you read it, the best thing about this service is that once you have installed it on your Android or mobile, you will know all the details about the traffic state on the roads and streets you want.

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Some of the essential information you'll be able to get thanks to the use of Waze has to do with constructions or works that could be diverting cars, indications that the police have given, accidents that could have happened on the road, etc. In other words, if you've started your commute to work, and during your commute, something happens on the road that forces you to detour, you'll know before it's too late.

Thanks to this service, those who use Waze can often change their route, even based on suggestions from the application itself, to save tremendous time and avoid obstacles. In truth, the big difference between this platform and other similar ones is the wealth of information, and its almost immediate updating, so as not to miss anything.

Then, in case you are taking a route you don't know so well and have doubts about the approximate time you will arrive at your destination, Waze will offer you an estimated time of arrival, so you can tell whoever is waiting for you. How does it do it? Analyzing all the information about live traffic data is essential in this type of situation because you can modify your meeting times in advance.

Although it may seem unbelievable to you, Waze can also give you a hand in this type of situation since whenever you want, it will show you where the cheapest station is on your chosen route. This tool will be essential to save money if you plan to go on vacation and have to make a long trip.

Then, in the same way as Google Maps, the cousin-sister application of this one, we must say that Waze allows you to establish a voice among several available ones so that they are in charge of guiding us while we advance along our route. Thus, it is straightforward to perform maneuvers since we will only have to keep our eyes on the road while this service tells us each step to follow.

Finally, Waze is one of the applications that undoubtedly supports Android Auto. That is to say that if your car comes with an integrated computer of those with a good-sized screen in the middle of the console, you will be able to synchronize it with your mobile to observe all the traffic information on that monitor.

Regarding the Waze user interface, we must say that it does not have too many differences from that of Google Maps. However, in this case, we are talking about a system oriented to the traffic of cities and roads. You will always see the map of where you are by default, although using the device's touch screen, you can move to get any other information.

The main positive aspects of Waze undoubtedly have to do with the fact that we are in the presence of what could be considered the best mobile platform for traffic information. Thanks to this utility, you will never again be late for your meetings, events, or work, so do not hesitate to download it to know everything that happens on your way.

The worst thing about Waze is to mention something because the truth is that it is an application that has almost no weaknesses; we could relate it in any case with such a wealth of information that throws, at times, can confuse us. If you are going to make an important trip and have not yet tried how this app works, we recommend that you try it first with a short journey in which you do not mind getting lost, so you know how it can help you.

In conclusion, if you are used to suffering all kinds of delays due to traffic and consider that having a little helper on your mobile could solve your problems, Waze is the first service you have to try. Undoubtedly, it is the most complete and updated of all those available, and you can also synchronize it with your vehicle's computer, so we can't ask for much more.

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