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Waze is a free GPS navigation that feeds on the information sent by the drivers in real time.

Unlike other GPS softwares, Waze is an application maintained by its user community. Each of the members of this community provides information to the Waze database that collects information on the routes traveled by users. Thus, the application can provide routing information and updates on traffic conditions in real time.

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Waze is an excellent tool for real-time traffic conditions and if there was no accident or setbacks in the way we plan to go. We can also be aware of traffic jams at some point on the route and detour to avoid wasting time. And to save money, Waze also reports on cheaper gas stations near your position.

Waze also records information about the positioning of radar and speed controls and other relevant data that drivers and platform staff share to improve the quality of everyday driving with GPS. Waze also sends alerts to your smartphone before approaching an area of accidents, a police check, obstacles or bottlenecks.

Waze is available for most mobile phones: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry, and require data connection. Join and be part of the community of drivers in your city Waze.

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