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Google Earth Pro – The Eye in the sky

Google Earth Pro is now free to download and to use its features. 

Google Earth is a computer application that allows you to explore the globe through satellite imagery. It enables users to view an aerial photograph of the Earth with a 3D image. The navigation can be done using the mouse and the keyboard of the pc. Google has designed as realistic as spinning a real globe with our own hands. It can zoom up to a hundred feet from the space above. It displays a satellite mapped ground in the interface with the real looking view.

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The best thing is, you get all the experience for free. Google Earth Pro previously cost $399 per year. Though the free trial tag still visible in the URL, you get this fantastic masterpiece for free. How good is that?

Tons of features and excitement await you. It is a few clicks away, and you are ready to use its unmatchable options just as simple as reading a map on a book. Google Earth gives you a journey around the world that is accessible from in front of your computer. No visa or air tickets required.

How Google Earth Pro work

First, download Google Earth for Windows. Then, sign in using your e-mail address. It will set as your username. Then use the license code GEPFREE to complete the setup. Now, you are ready to experience the amazing features of the Pro version.

Before proceeding, you should be aware of the features of the pro version. They are specially established for using this software for business and enterprise purposes. You get extra features worth almost $400 for free, cool, isn't it?

Things you get with Google Earth Pro

High-Resolution printing

It gives printable, high-resolution images up to 4800x3200 pixels. These images are ideal for including in the presentations for people in the business.

Advance measurements

This software uses the polygon area and the circle area to measure the land, fields, and parking lots, etc. It helps to determine the area developments.

Movie Maker

Inbuilt Movie Maker allows exporting Windows Media and Quick time HD clips with 1920x1980 pixels resolution.

Pro data layers

Data layers, including Demographics, parcels, and traffic counts.

GIS Import

The pro version visualizes several file formats, including the ESRI shapefiles (.shp) and the MapInfo (.tab) files.

Spreadsheet Support

With bulk placemarks and style templates, Google Earth Pro allows importing ingest up to 2500 addresses at once.

Apart from the above-highlighted features, users around the world use Google Earth to explore the historical value of the different places. Tourists can plan their tours with the help of it to save time and find the best route. It also allows you to suggest the changes which should be made.

Students can use the software for their educational purposes, such as viewing the location of the historical places they have learned, explore the countries and cities they are dreaming of to visit, etc. On the other hand, teachers can use Google Earth for Geography lessons rather than explaining everything.

Therefore, the Pro version of this software is useful for every one of us in one way or another. Now it's your turn to get your hands on this great piece of application.

System Requirements Windows


  • CPU: 1GHz or faster

  • System Memory (RAM): 2GB

  • Hard Disk: 2GB free space

  • Graphics Processor: DirectX 9 or OpenGL 1.4 compatible


  • CPU: 2GHz dual-core or faster

  • System Memory (RAM): 4GB

  • Hard Disk: 4GB free space

  • Graphics Processor: DirectX 11 or OpenGL 2.0 compatible

by Augusto Baldi

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