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With UpNext Music Player Chrome extension, you can enjoy the best music streaming from SoundCloud and YouTube. You can enjoy your favorite songs directly from the small music player that will be enabled in the extension, and without you having to open a tab to do this.

It is not just a music player; it is a way to discover great hits and have your playlists with a single click. It is a software that provides many advantages, so you can handle everything from the extension.

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It is important to mention that UpNext was previously known as "SoundCloudify"; however, since SoundCloud is part of its name and has the rights reserved, it was rebranded as UpNext.

Downloading and installing UpNext Music Player

UpNext Music Player is an extension that is not currently found in the Chrome Web Store. It has been eliminated, but however, it can be downloaded from our web site Usitility, or from GitHub and add it manually. If you download it from here (Usitility), you just need to press the download button. If you want to download it from GitHub, the easiest way is to click on where it says "CLICK HERE to download the binary version and do a manual installation". If you download the version that appears on "Download ZIP", it will tell you that the Manifest file is missing.

To add the extension, you only have to enter in Chrome > Click on the 3 points > Tools >Extensions. A new page will be opened where you will see the option to "load unzip extension”, so you only have to unzip the file previously downloaded and then load it.

UpNext Music Player Characteristics

  • Discover new music.

  • Access your play history.

  • Manage music playlists as you like

  • Last.fm's Scrobbling

  • Import playlists from YouTube.

  • Synchronize the playlist in all devices.

These are the main characteristics of UpNext Music Player. You can manage your favorite themes and bring them with you to anywhere in the computer. You do not need to open YouTube or any other platform to enjoy the music, because UpNext puts it all at your fingertips.

How to use UpNext Music Player?

Once you have added the extension to Chrome by following the steps above, using UpNext is very simple. You will see a new icon on the right side of your browser, the icon of the extension. If you click on it, you will be redirected to your small customized music player, so you have all from the extension and without you having to open a tab to do this.

At first, of course, it is completely empty. You need to add your music and playlists. To do this, you will have to navigate through the options available.

The first functionality that we see is "now playing". If you are not listening to music, absolutely nothing will appear. But when you have the songs and playlists imported, the song that is currently playing will be displayed. So you can stop it, go forward or backward, etc.

The option that we are most interested in to begin with is "search". You only have to write the name of your favorite singer or song. If everything has been done well, many results that match your keywords will be found. And if you look to the right of each song, you can see 3 icons. On the one hand, we have the favorite icon, which adds the song to the playback queue and adds it to a list. Choose the option you want and you'll be starting to add your music in this way. You don't have to do anything else!

You only have to start by entering your favorite singers or songs that you like most in the search form, so you can add everything to the extension. It is intuitive and very easy. Then, to play the music, just double-click on the song or play buttom. It is very easy to use. So you do not have to go to YouTube, because you can have all from an extension.

The following functionality you can see is "PlayList". From here you can access all your lists, and even import playlists. To do this, you only have to enter the URL of the SoundCloud or YouTube list and put it a name. Nothing more than this to start filling in Chrome with the best music!

One of its favorite features is "Charts"

However, one of its star characteristics is found in the "Charts" option. For example, you will find the top 100 on Spotify and many other hits so that you can discover new music and all the songs that are being popular or trend. Together with UpNext Featured Playlist and Reddit Hot.

That is why we are telling you that this is not a mere player, but a way of discovering new topics. It is an essential tool for music lovers. In addition, it comes with all the features that we may need to enjoy the music from anywhere.

Is it worth trying to use UpNext Music Player?

The truth is that UpNext Music Player is a surprise. It is one of those really useful extensions that we find hard to believe that they exist. But yes, it is fabulous and very easy to use. In 2 minutes, you will fully understand its functioning and there will be no barriers that prevent you from enjoying the best music.

It is important to mention that UpNext Music Player has not given us any type of problem at any time. It works perfectly with Google Chrome. If you have problems to add it because it is not in the Chrome Store, take a look at the steps to follow in the installation section. Otherwise, make sure you have Chrome updated to the latest version.

In a few minutes of operation, you will get full control of the tool. You only have to give it a try.

If you want to start enjoying the music from a browser extension for Chrome and without open tabs, welcome the UpNext Music Player!

Download it now from Usitility or GitHub and discover the new way to listen to and discover songs.

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