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Tunatic is a program that “listens” to the song being played, and provides information about it.

On many occasions we listen to a song and we are not able to remember the name, or who is the artist who sang it. For these situations, it is useful to have a program that can identify the songs “listening” it.

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Tunatic is able to recognize the songs being played. To make it work we just need a microphone. When we run the program and put the microphone near the sound source, the program will automatically start to identifying the song. In case of identifying the song, it will display the name and author of the song. We will be able to click on the right arrow that appears on the main screen, to access a web page where we can find more information about the song or buy it on iTunes. There is the possibility that the program does not find the information of the song that we try to identify. This is often the case of groups or some lesser-known artists songs.

If we want to identify any song playing on the PC, we must enable “Stereo Mix” and select it inTunatic configuration. To access program settings, we must click with the right mouse button on any part of the program's main screen and click on “Settings...”.

This program identifies all kinds of music genres except classical music. On the other hand, is not able to identify songs that are hummed or sung.

The program is free and is not updated since the year 2005 in Windows version, and from the year 2010 in Mac version. Despite this, the program remains fully functional.

by Augusto Baldi

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