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Shazam is a mobile app to identify songs and their singers.

Have you heard a song but can not remember his name? Are you all day humming a tune you heard on TV and want to know which one it is? Then Shazam is the app you have to download to your smartphone to identify the name of the song, the album it belongs to and who is its author.

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Shazam can recognize the title of a song and its author because it has a huge database of songs from around the world. This is possible because Shazam works with acoustic fingerprinting technology that allows comparison of files within the database to find the results of the songs.

Shazam is so easy to use, just by allowing the application to listen to the song that you want to identify a few seconds and once recognized the song, Shazam will tell you about the title of it, the artist who sings it and the album it was published.

Apart from the above information, Shazam provides links to free services such as YouTube, song sales stores like iTunes and Amazon, and platforms like Spotify subscription. It offers suggestions of other songs that are related to which you consulted and the ability to search for news of your favorite celebrities and singers.

With a free version with ads, and other premium, Shazam is available for Android phones, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone to iPhones and iPads.

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