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Timer is an extension for Google Chrome that combines in the same app a countdown, an alarm, and a stopwatch.

It's usual that when we are using the computer we want to control the time that we are using to do some task or set an alarm at a certain time. Today there are a multitude of solutions for this type of situation: we can set an alarm on the mobile, look at the computer clock, or if you're a classic, check the time at the wall clock.

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Timer is a valid option to resolve this type of situations, because we can install in our web browser Chrome, or go directly to the website http://www.timer-tab.com/ where a simple interface divided into three vertical panels will be displayed.
Each of the panels has a specific functionality:

  1. Countdown The functionality of this panel is to begin a countdown. To do this, we will need to fill in the h (hours), m (minutes), and s (seconds) fields. We will be able to leave any of these boxes empty so if we want to start a 45 minutes countdown, we need to enter the 45 number in the minutes (m) field, leaving other fields empty.
    Once we have set the countdown duration, we can press on the “Start Countdown” button. The remaining time until the countdown is finished, will be shown on the panel. In addition, we will be able to pause this alarm at any time clicking on the “Pause” button.
    When the countdown is finished, a sound of bells will be reproduced.
  2. Alarm Clock: In this panel, we will be able to set an alarm at the exact time. As in the previous panel, we only need to fill the hour, minutes and seconds fields and press the “Start Alarm Clock” button. Once we have set up the alarm, we will see the remaining alarm time.
  3. Stopwatch: the last panel only has one button (Start Stopwatch), that is used to start a time counter. We will see the elapsed time on the pane. It is also possible to pause the stopwatch at any time.

As we see, the features of this extension are very simple and specific. Because of that, we will control our time quickly and easily, since the only thing that we need to do, is to launch this browser extension.

let's imagine that we are working with the computer, and we want to make a pause to check the personal e-mail or check our Facebook. With Timer, we can start a 7 minutes Countdown to notify us once the time has elapsed.
Or maybe we put the pizza in the oven and want Timer alert us at an exact time, so we can remove the pizza from the oven. To do this, we will set an Alarm.
Or maybe we want to control the time that it takes us to do a particular task, such as, for example, to write an article. For this, we will use the Stopwatch option.

Timmer is programmed to run a single alarm at the same time, that is to say, if we're using the countdown, we will not be able to use the Stopwatch, etc, In such a way that we will only use one panel at the same time, and never overlap different alarms.
When an alarm is working, if we click over the counter, that counter will go to the front, so this alarm will be zoomed and will be more visible.

There is a common configuration for all panels, where we can modify some of the program features. To access these settings, we have to go to the bottom of any panel and place the pointer over the cogwheel icon. It will display the following settings:

  • Youtube Alarm: Here we introduce the URL of the Youtube video that we want to play when the alarm finishes. By default is an URL of a Youtube video that plays the sound of some bells.
  • Background: Here we can set an image URL that will be used as background. In this way, we will be able to have a more personal style.
  • Name: Here we set the alarm name, for example, pizza, check email, rest, etc

As we can see this extension meets the expectations and for sure it will be a great utility for a large number of users.

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