TeamViewer support for Video Calls


The new TeamViewer version has support for video calls, so users can call anyone in his contact list, and see him.

TeamViewer is a software that allows the remote control of computers. This program is perfect for remote technical support, without the need to move to the place where the “broken” computer is located. So it is only necessary to install this software on the computer with problems, and on the technician computer that will address the problem. Both computer must be connected to the Internet. Once both computers have installed the software, the technician is able to connect to the computer with problems and proceed with the repair.

The video call option is a new feature that has been added on TeamViewer version 10. At the moment version 10 is beta, so the program can have small bugs. You can download the beta for Windows, Linux and Mac from here.

We can start a video call with any of the contacts from the contact list, or create a meeting where we will invite multiple contacts to the video call, so we can talk with more than one person at a time. In addition we will be able to share our screen with the rest of the audience, so they can visualize what is happening on it.

Without a doubt this functionality makes TeamViewer more complete, and allows for better communication between the support technical and end-user. All from the same program, without need of installing any additional application.

With this functionality, this program consolidates its position in the market of remote control programs, bringing a software that meets the needs of the more demanding technical supports.

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