Skype stops support for Android 2.2 and below


Recently, Microsoft sent emails to the users of Skype that have a version of Android 2.2 or below. The content of the email is the following:

Skype apps for Android OS 2.2 (or below) are being permanently retired

We've noticed that you are, or previously were, signed into Skype on a phone running the Android 2.2 (or below) operating system. We're sorry to inform you that we are now retiring all Skype apps that work on these older versions of the Android operating system. As a result, within the next few weeks, you'll no longer be able to sign in and use Skype on any Android 2.2 (or below) phone. If possible, we recommend that you upgrade your phone to a newer version of Android to continue using Skype.

That means that we need to update our phone Android version or purchase a new phone with a version of Android most up-to-date, or stop using Skype and start using some of their alternatives.

It seems that Microsoft has a plan to continue the same policy of update that they follow with Microsoft's Operating Systems, and stop giving support to older platforms after few years.

According to the statistics of AndroidDevelopers, the market share of Android 2.2 (Froyo) is only 0.7%, so the number of affected users by this change will not be very high.

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