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RocketDock is an application that will help you to see your computer in another way, with a lot of visual and functional options.

RocketDock will help you to have the most important application in a tool bar totally new and customizable according to your preferences. You only have to execute the application so that it shows up in the upper part of your screen with a determined number of direct accesses to the most important places of your operative system.

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But besides, you will be able to work with access to both application since RocketDock can be customized according to your needs, giving the opportunity to incorporate more application with just dragging and dropping them to a new application (or its direct access) until RocketDock tool bar so that it could be integrated in its interface.

It is possible to ordinate each one of the application that are in the bar, giving priority to the ones that are used with more frequency. But besides of having access to the application in RocketDock bar, we could open a video window and put it into the interface as a web page that we will always need to have around, that are going to be temporary since we could close them as any regular application.

by Augusto Baldi

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