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ObjectDock is a program that once downloaded inserts a bar similar to the bars of Mac, in some of ours PC frames as we like.

ObjectDock has as goal to offer a bigger organization in our desktop especially to direct accesses, programs and tasks that are being executed, with a much more modern and sophisticated aspect.

ObjectDock screenshot

By allowing to have more control in our desktop, users can take control of their icons and direct accesses to have them available when, where and how they need it. ObjectDock does not count with great advantages, but for sure increases the computer´s visual aspect in a significant way.

One of its main attractive is that when you pass the cursor above selected icons and windows, they will be bigger. Another advantage that has ObjectDock is that it does not present any instability problem or anything like this, making easier getting back to its previous state, besides of not being automatically started unless you want it.

If you wish to count on ObjectDock it has simple and customizes download and installation. Also is important to say that the program counts with 13MB capacity and it is in English.

by Augusto Baldi

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