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Risen3D is an action game, which can be downloaded for free, to have fun with shots, in three dimensions.

With a proper aesthetic of the time when this game was designed, the nineties, Risen3D is a typical DOS shooting game. It needs Doom, Doom 2 or Final Doom to work; this is why you need to have one of these programs installed in the computer.

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The creator of Risen3D is the iD Software Company that released the code of the game, this is why it is possible to modify it or create new versions, although the characters and sound and music effects are subject to copyright.

In Risen3D you can configure a lot of aspects of the game, such as the preference to play in full-screen mode, adjust the screen resolution, adapt sounds characteristics according to your preferences, apply filters to the images and charge new textures, among other options.

Risen3D has 32 scenarios where different battles take place and three difficulty levels to make the combats more exhaustive. It has a good graphic quality of scenarios and characters, which makes the game more enjoyable than others. Besides, it is a simple and intuitive game that does not require previous abilities or knowledge of similar games.

It is advisable to read the tutorials of the program and the help provided on the official webpage of the software, as it may be necessary to make an extra adjustment for the proper development of the game.

by Augusto Baldi

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