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Ren’Py is a game engine for making visual novels and creating interactive stories.

Ren’Py is a free and open source software with which you can create visual stories, combining images, sounds, music and text on the computer.

To begin designing a new graphic novel in Ren’Py, after running the program, you must click on ‘New Project’, and assign a name to it. Afterwards, you’ll need to click on ‘Edit Script’ to launch the SciTE text editor.

All the elements available in Ren’Py to add into the story are displayed in the SciTE text editor. From here, the characters are defined, their dialogs are written, the background images are added, and the different paths of the story are outlined, to be explored by the users as they progress through the narrative.

Ren’Py also offers effects that allow you to fuse images or transition between scenes and dialogs. These effects make the story you are creating more visually appealing, and thus more likely to catch the eye of your audience.

With Ren’Py you can create many versions of the same story, or several stories within a single large narrative. The story might continue along very different paths, depending on the user’s choices.

Programming knowledge is not necessary to make use of Ren’Py, although it’s advisable to read the instruction manual, specially to familiarize you with the sciTE text editor.

With a strong anime aesthetic, Ren’Py is a simple and flexible tool for writing graphic and/or visual novels, and surprising our audiences.

by Augusto Baldi

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