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Enigma is a simple video game, but with a high addiction and entertainment potential.

The installation of this video game is quite simple and quick, without any type of delay. Once you have installed the small game, you will be able to meet with a simple interface in which you will have different alternative as Beginning Game, Levels Lot, Options, etc.

Enigma screenshot

This simple video game (Enigma), maintains a great quantity of worlds or levels in those that will have to accomplish the objectives, which consist basically to arm figures couples located in squares, which can be shown to the contact with a ball that is managed by the mouse of your computer or for the board (in case it is a portable computer).

There are more than 60 levels in which you will have to carry out journeys with ability and mainly with good memory, remembering the location of the couples. Enigma will show you in the "Levels Lot" panel a small preview all the levels, so that you have an approximate idea of its difficulty and its structure. Once you finish an Enigma stage, you will be qualified by a medal.

Enigma is a video game with which you will be able to have several entertainment and amusement hours, by only playing with one, or in some occasions with several ball.

by Augusto Baldi

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