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If you are unaware of the world's best software for the time-lapse videos, then don't wander here and there anymore because we have brought Panolapse as the best option for you. So, it is the best chance for you to create time-lapse videos with the help of Panolapse. It is easier than what you really think about it. 

Panolapse brings you a matchless feature with easy access so that you can create a timelapse video without any training. Therefore, if you are familiar with easy video editing and creating software, then download it and get whole access in your hand to design a timelapse video.

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What it offers you? 

Matchless Features

    A. Rotational Panning

    • Provides an amazing 360° panorama view to your object

    • Avails you a 3D perspective correction to stimulate as it shows the accurate and authentic real-world movements

    • Offers you correct perspective for the sake natural panning

    • Gives rotational motion in a sequence way

    B. Deflicker

    • Removes the differences created by the camera between the shot

    • It reduces flickering in timelapse videos

    • Brings optimal smoothness by the tuning of the brightness level of every frame

    C. Animate RAW settings with RAWBlend

    • Blends from one frame to another frame 

    • Leave you tensionless because it requires you to process just the first and the last frame; however, it follows the rest automatically

    • It automatically interpolates the exposure, contrast, contrast, temperature and the metadata among the pictures

    • So, it animates the RAW setting

    • This feature supports Lightroom and Photoshop

    D. AutoExposure and the "Holy Grail"

    • Get a tuned exposure by this feature of Holy Grail

    • It auto analyze the aperture, ISO from the file metadata, and shutter speed

    • It will assure the perfect exposure with this targeting Holy Grail feature

    • So, it provides you exact exposure at any setting your camera has

    E. Animate Stitched Panoramas

    • Most amazing feature for the animation

    • Import 360°x180° equirectangular pictures and get a moving video with the amazing feature

    • It animates your pictures with the help of Panolapse

    F. Convert to a fisheye lens

    • An artistic feature for the timelapse videos

    • It stimulates a fisheye perspective for your video which means changes non-fisheye pictures into fisheye

    • Magnifies the center, bends the horizons, spans an ultra-wide look of the field

    • Adds extra beauty in timelapse videos, so beautify your video with this feature

    G. High-Quality Renders

    • Get your final video in such a visually-lossless JPG frame, .mp4 video, .mov (PhotoJPEG) video

    • Saves your time because it provides multiple render tasks

    H. Apart from this, it has also following features like:

    • Animates a lens in and out of the scene you have recorded

Things you must know about Panolapse

    • The Panolapse usually works with all the lenses, but it works efficiently with a wider lens. So, it is purely recommended that a 24mm lens or wider on a sensor of full-frame

    • The full range of panning motion is permitted by the GoPro camera with fisheye lenses. Thus it allows you full room to pan

    • All hardware uses Panolapse on the top so that it can permit to control the motion in a smoother way. However, it controls all the situation where even you can't control

    • RAWBlend also works with several formats of the RAW file

    • It is supported with all cameras only you need to set a few settings crop factor, a focal length of lens and lens type

    • Patrick Shyu under the Blue Eden project made this Panolapse software

Are you feeling weird to ask is Panolapse free software?

Just don't feel odd to get information regarding this fantastic software. So, this Panolapse is only free to those whose output resolution is up to 1280x720 HD. However, if you still want to unlock the provided restriction, then you need to buy the license. 

Don't wait but download it

Therefore, don't wait, but you need to download and install it as you can get a fantastic chance to get a time-lapse video by this unmatched software for you.

by Augusto Baldi

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