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Panolapse is software that adds movement to videos recorded with timelapse technique.

The timelapse is a technique by which images are recorded during long period of time and then played at a high speed. This way you can observe movements that go unnoticed to the naked eye, as the growth of a seed, the cloud's movement, sunrise and sunset, etc.. All these movements happen in a long period of time, we can watch those movements in few seconds thanks to timelapse technique.

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The timelapse videos are usually recorded with a fixed camera, so the result is a video that always has the same perspective. With Panolapse we can give life to these videos and create camera movements, zoom, perspective correction, etc.. As a result, timelapse videos will have more motion.

Panolapse is free if we want to save our video in HD resolution 1280x720 or lower. If we want to save the video in a higher resolution, we have to purchase the Pro version of the product. This software is available for Windows and Mac.

by Augusto Baldi

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